Erythritol not dissolving

Hi guys. I’ve ordered erythritol from chef’s flavours. It came in crystal form, like sugar. Added 1g to 20g pg and it won’t dissolve. Applied heat, and nothing happened. Help.

When did you mix it? (Today/yesturday/10 mins ago) Did you give it a day or two…to blend? How much heat was applied?

These are the questions people wanting to know to give you a good answer. Happy mixing. :grinning:

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Hehe sorry. Yeah, mixed it about 20 min. ago. I’ve taken the hottest tap water my boiler can give me, which is, I think, about 75 degrees. So You’re saying, I need to give it time?

I good reddit post on this stuff: Link


im not sure why but ECX sells it and the base is VG not PG the vg may be a better base for it , to be honest ive always wondered why they did that

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Ecx states on the website that erythritol is not pg soluble. Vg is the recommended dilute to for it.


there you go , you need to use VG as base

yep so true , ive had a 10% mix in pg for 1 month and it always settles back on the bottom , will try vg now , but even given the amount of sweetness that it gives compared to other sweeteners im starting to wonder how much difference it makes to a mix anyways unless you use a Sh8tload of it ?? maybe someone else can vouch for its usefulness

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It doesn’t work at all in PG, and you need to use a lot of the VG mix. I’m not sure buying it in liquid form is any use to be honest.

Lots more experimenting to do with this stuff…

im not impreessed with it , it does give you a sweetness throughout your vape without an aftertaste , sucralose seems to be at the top of your vape and sits i do like it better than sucralose , 2 to 3 pct seems to do the job

Even WHEN you get the erythritol dissolved…and I don’t use it, but I do make stevia stones from pure organic stevia powder and VG…

Xylitol has the same level of sweetness as table sugar, while erythritol tastes 60 percent to 80 percent less sweet, according to the University of Kentucky. In sharp contrast, stevia is 250 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar, reports Texas A&M University.


Yeah… didn’t work with vg either. ordered some AVG, will try that. also someone told me to grind it in spice grinder.

Why do you bother with it ?
Can you not just get something that works?

I am all for innovation, but once I hit my thumb with a hammer, I figure out what the problem was.

If the reason is, you can’t get the right, proven stuff…where you live…
send me an address and I will send you some.

I am not a salty person, I only wish to help.


Caution, you might already know and I’m new to the sub so I hope this is where you reply, Microwave only 10 sec the erythritol vg solution in microwave I would go at a 10% solution and then I can’t tell a difference with or without erythritol in the vg. Caution again after 10 sec. Glass bottle with vg and erythritol solution extremely hot use something to cover hand when you get out of microwave also the erythritol will dissolve in vg

And you can cook breakfast along side it…
No doubt what old technology can accomplish…
my question is still…WHY?

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Well, proven and not gunking up the coil every time I hit the fire button? I’m all ears bro.

Thanks for the tip, I’m having the same problem. I tried several refills of hot water from my Keurig and a soft simmer of water on the stove and 24 hours later only got it to go milky. I will be trying the VG, THANKS AGAIN!!

Was a great read, I only wish I would have seen it before I bought into the hype. Thanks for the link!

Hi guys, sorry its an old thread.

I tried dissolving with VG using a Microwave.

Here’s the step I did:

  1. Pour in Powder
  2. Pour in VG
  3. Heat up in Microwave for 30 Seconds.
  4. Mix it with frother


  • First attempt I tried to quickly cool it down by bathing the beaker in ice water. It quickly crystalize the solution.
  • Second attempt. I let it cool down by itself and solution seems clear but with minor crystal forming on the side.

I notice that 10% of Ery doesn’t really gives out the sweet taste as compare to sucra. Or even none really.

Now trying with 50% to see how it goes.

Really need help as I too trying to find a solution without gunking my coils.

Erythritol will not dissolve fully over 6% in vg it becomes a super saturated solution (I think it is 6% I could be mistaken) however it will not give the super sweet taste on it’s own - I use it in conjunction with stevia to remove the back note stevia gives me.

1 part stevia 3 parts Erythritol is my general go to for sweetening if I need to sweeten
0.2% stevia 0.6% Erythritol

Hope this help you out some