Escribe DNA250 ss316L question

Ok I have done some reading and did the evolve tutorial. I just picked up my new device. Ready to do the updates and all the good stuff

Dumb question…I know but t hoping my elr family has the quick answer.

What is the best setup or profile to download to run ss316L? Any tips?

I gotta run to Costco before I get to play with my new device…so I have to wait for the unboxing. Lol.

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The default ss316L is working well for me


I use similar settings to @anon88729607. The trick I learned with SS is not using the preheat functions. Whenever I used them I’d end up with a weak vape that hit temp protection non stop without actually getting warm.


Very interesting. I just set up an OCC 316 tank and vt133 and it was pretty anemic. I cranked the preheat and it seemed to improve flavor and vapor production, but I also had to run at 600F. I dunno, maybe because it was OCC something was weird. Kanger CL4.0. Nice little leak impossible setup.

I’m used to monster Ti hemp builds maybe too. Once I tuned it up that kanger tank werent completely awful tho. I’d vape it.

Oh, anyone else notice that punch now goes to 11? Haha, I love those DNA guys.

Do us a favor. Turn on the mod, hold down +/- to lock. Then double click either + or - to enter profile mode. Use + or - to scroll through. Is 316L already in there? If so, click the fire button to set it. Then hold +/- again so you can adjust watts. I’d start around 60w. Then click fire 5x to lock. Now click/hold fire to enter temp setting. Set your desired temperature. Then click fire 5x. Now attach your atty with 316l and vape. Is it good? If yes you’re done with that part.


I’ll try that tomorrow.

I downloaded a profile for the YouTube guy Daniel DJLsb vapes. It was ok…but benny said I kept getting the temp warning. Lol.

So far though so good. Interesting how just in pwr mode compared to the ipv5. Right now I’m vaping a mellow inw custard. The eggy part is just right.

Now I wish I could tell you why it works, but I don’t. I discovered through another thread that you have to set the TCR to 0.00105 (In materials tab, action button.) It works like a dream for me, after I do that.