ESPION TOUR Kit with CUBIS Max Look!

ESPION TOUR Kit with CUBIS Max Atomizer

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This device was sent to me by Joyetech, and was furnished to me free for the purpose of this review.

This is the ESPION TOUR Kit; it comes in a nice package that is actually a sleeve which contains the MOD and the vaporizer Attachment separately packaged, so it’s like getting 3 packages in one.

The MOD comes in a nice box, and the tank is in its own crystalline plastic box.

On opening the TOUR MOD you will see a high tech plastic device, but it is nice. The MODs plastic case looks almost like ivory and is visibly high quality. On the front is the display, a rocker style +/- adjuster and the USB port. The fire button is on the right side. The contoured plastic case is comfortable and easy to hold.

The battery cover is held by 3 strong magnets and accessed from a thumb slot along the bottom of the MOD. Being plastic the MOD is extremely light but has a good heft to it after installing 2 X 18650s.

The 0.96-inch OLED display on the ESPION TOUR is outstanding; it has all the necessary information and includes independent battery indicators. I do believe this is the most visible display I have for use in direct sunlight. Unfortunately when I attempted to take a picture the phasing of the camera vs the display updating made it impossible, but to my eye it is unbelievably clear and bright in direct sunlight.

The CUBIS Max Tank is packed in a crystal box so you see what you have right away. This Tank is innovative because of the NotchFilm heat element which takes the place of a standard coil. The said heat element is made of a thin Kanthal Notched film which sits against a flat cotton pad wick to vaporize the e-liquid from the tank.

My first CUBIS Max had a slot inlet on each side to pass the liquid to the wick; this newer version has 2 small holes on each side. I cannot tell any difference between the two designs wicking functionality.

The wick and heat element is all inside a ceramic encasement on the bottom of the tank. The e-liquid inlet ports that supply the liquid to the wick is on the flat bottom of the tank, so you can let the liquid level go down to the last little bit without worry of the wick going dry.

I’ve tried everything to get this tank to leak to no avail. The top airflow design makes leaking impossible. The tank produces a thick vapor with little spit back; I experienced no gurgling as long as all the O-rings are in the correct position and I fill and close the top cap quickly.

Note: I cut my own wicks from organic cotton pads, they measure 0.5” X 0.6” and I find this wicking method works best. The tank does come with extra cotton wicks but I suggest cutting your own.

The MOD has a high quality 510 with a very stiff spring.

The TOUR + CUBIS kit includes the following:
1 CUBIS Max atomizer
2 NCFilm Heat elements (one is pre-installed)
1 QC USB cable
2 Manuals
1 Warranty Card
2 Warning information cards
1 Package of spare parts:

The boxed Kit weighs in at 0.84 lbs.
And measures 7.5” X 4.25” X 1.75”

TOUR Specifications:
Size: 89 X 47 X 32mm (Tapered to 27mm)
Battery: Dual High Rate 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)
Screen: 0.96 Inch OLED Screen
1-220W Output Wattage Range
VW Power / Temp (NI/TI/SS)/TCR with 3 storage registers
Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm (TC/TCR) / 0.05-3.5ohm (VW)
Max Charging Current: 2A
Max Output Current: 50A
Max Output Voltage: 9V

TOUR Safety Features:
Dual Circuit Protection
Selectable Timeout Protection 5, 10 or 15 seconds (device powers off)
Over-Charging Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Firmware Upgradeable
Micro USB Port Charging Support

Colors: White, Green, Red, Blue, Black. AFAIK all tanks that come with the kit are Black.

You will need to purchase 2 X 18650 batteries separately; Joyetech suggests using at least 25 CDR (Continuous Discharge Rate) batteries.

CUBIS Max Specification:
Size: 25.3 X 49.0mm (Glass is 28mm)
Weight: 71.0g
E-liquid capacity: 5.0ml
Heat element: Joyetech NCFilm^TM heater (Kanthal 0.25ohm)

Colors: Matte Black, Sky Blue, Gold, Silver, Dazzling. (Colored tanks not availabel with kit AFAIK)

I think this is a great device, and the firmware is upgradeable, so in time it might even get better. I could find cons with it but I’d be nitpicking, so here are some nitpicks: I still wish Joyetech MODs would give me more time to read the temporary display information such as the last puff time and last puff amps. If I could select a time for that display to pause it would be 5, 10 or 15 seconds, definitely not the 3 seconds hard programmed into their MODs. Also the 510 is not centered, which is not a big deal but the fire button position forces one to thumb fire it when used in your right hand, so this device may have been better with a larger fire bar and a centered 510.
With batteries installed the MOD is only 170gr or 6oz or 0.4lb so the plastic body definitely pays off as far as weight. Also the ribbed case makes it easy to hold onto. This MOD is definitely not a fingerprint magnet, except the display bezel. Oh the display, talk about clear and bright, this one is the brightest I have seen as far as viewing it in direct sunlight. TC and TCR work smooth, but remember to unlock the coil in TC mode before installing the tank. If anything this device runs a little cool but the dry wick protection worked well in TC. And also you can tweak the TC/TCR wattage up to offset slow ramp up with high ohm builds. The battery longevity is as good as my other dual 18650 MODs. As far as the CUBIS Max tank goes I think it is a great idea, the coils last seemingly forever, it is easy to clean and re-wick, and with a fresh re-wicking the flavor is fantastic, and with no break-in period required. $55.00 Kit: $39.90 MOD:

More information is available on the Joyetech website for the kit
Or just the MOD

Thank you all for taking the time and reading this spaced out review.
And thanks also to Joyetech for sending me this device to show you.


Thanks for the review! I started vaping with Joyetech so I’m always looking at what they come out with next.


I too started out with Joyetech devices and I am a fairly loyal Joyetech user.


Thank for the review @CosmicTruth it is helpful when someone takes the time to get all the info out to everyone. I had the original Cubis, I’m thinking it may be time to try another.


Interesting wicking method. Did the other Cubis do it this way? Not having paid much attention to Joyetech this could be a dumb question.

Thanks for the pro-caliber review!!


Your welcome and thanks for the feedback. Joyetech has some winners, my favorite of all time is their Espion Solo with ProCore Air.


Joyetech has paired the Cubis Max on their Ultex T80 and now this Espion Tour. The original Cubis Atomizers first used their own BF coils.