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I got a call from Essential Depot where they were doing some follow up with customers. Nice folks over there. I’ve spent a ton of money on PG and VG from various vendors, and while nothing stands out in terms of quality (to me they’re all pretty much the same) I will say that the price point for Essential Depot is good for me. I ordered last July 1 gallon each of PG and VG. I paid as much as I would for 500 ml of each elsewhere. So, I do recommend them. They have a promo and told me I could share the code. Here you go.

FYI10 (10% off the product price)
SHIP20 (20% off the shipping price)


Just a FYI. it is one code or the other, you cannot use both. 4 gallons of VG delivered to WI with 20% off shipping was $74. Fantastic pricing on my favorite VG.

Thanks @SthrnMixer very much appreciated!


Sorry @Ken_O_Where for the late reply. I missed this for some reason. I’m very happy you were able to take advantage of the discount and glad to know I am not the only one who appreciates this vendor. I’ll need to reorder in the next few months but will be happy with them even if no discount is available.


I just want to let everybody know, essential Depot is having a sale on their sale haha

4 gallons of VG for $39


I just bought a glycube a few weeks ago. Killer price on some quality bases.

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Unfortunately they don’t offer free shipping on the cube and it usually ends up between $15-20. Fortunately for me they are close and I can pick it up, otherwise they have free shipping on the 2 gallon VG for the same price as the cube.

Why anyone would buy their VG anywhere else, is a mystery to me…

I wish I had the time to pick it up though. Every time I do, I get vg for $8 a gallon and then stop at wizard labs for more killer deals! Road trip anyone?


i wonder if @River_Supply_Co can beat that? or what they can offer, at least?

I agree, great customer service and prices, the product is some of the best out there.

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Plus when I do choose delivery, they mail it out typically within an hour from placing my order!

Good people! Now if they would only offer up free shipping on the cube!!

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Actually, yes they can!! You can get a gallon price for $8.19!!

All you have to do is buy it this way…



Oh…a wise guy, eh?


Teehehe, you know I luv ya bro :wink:


Glycubes are on sale again for $39


…and “ship20” takes 20% off of shipping. $55.24 for 4 gallons of product and shipping is a good deal! :grinning: You can’t beat $13.81 a gallon…love me some Essential Depot!:kissing_heart::dash:


30% off shipping with ED right now. Plus $3 per litre of solvent is an awesome price = 4 gallons of product for $48.00 :grinning: Glycube pricing.


Anyone have an updated discount code?

The FYI10 & SHIP20 no longer work…