Ethical or not? Selling e-liquid-recipe recipes!

Did you guy know of an Australian website selling clones from e-liquid-recipe recipes? Does not seem really ethical to me…

An exemple:

It even links directly to the recipe page on e-liquid-recipe


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can’t really see what would be un-ethical about this he only sells a pack of flavorings, and een links back here.


I’m not considering it a problem. As Duchesst writes, they’re selling flavorings to make it and also linking back to ELR…


actually I quite like the idea.
it’s a good way to market the concentrates, if you are a beginner and not sure what to get, you can get all the concentrates for a recipe, and an introduction to a great DIY Site !

If I was selling concentrates this is a way I would do it !


you know what i wonder ??? how many people make other peoples recipes and sell to their friends and families ?? is that unethical ?


Not an issue for me. I wouldn’t even buy what I make lol


My most popular 2 flavours are my own, but, yes, I have to confess that I sell juices to colleagues using recipes others have created.
if someone wants a strawberry milkshake juice, I make them one - even though I have never created one from my own head.
I prefer selling my own flavours, it gives me most pride, but hell if someone wants strawberry mild, I do em one


If my kids or any of their friends ever wanted a recipe that came from one of you guys I’d put “Your name’s - awesome recipe” on the label. So far I haven’t charged anything beyond one of my son’s friends never paid me back from over a year ago and I charged him 3 extra dollars over what he owed me. :grinning: It was interest, not a juice sale.


i use to be against people selling others juice without giving credit or whatever , then i was asked two questions 1) do you give credit when you make someones dinner recipe and 2 ) how does it affect a person who isnt or is given credit?? answer it doesnt bc we dont know lol , i think we all have to remember if we put it on a internet site its all fair game and if it doesnt hurt us then whats the big deal if someone makes money off a recipe that your. not making money off of cant it be taken as a compliment ???


I agree with Fidalgo, if Joe from upstairs in my office saw “Made from some bloke named Fidalgo_Vapes of the same furum as me’s recipe” on the label. he wouldn’t care, he’d just want to vape the damned stuff.


That’s a really good analogy. Around my house, we do have a distinction between, Keschia’s french toast, Mom’s french toast and Grampa’s french toast so there’s that but I don’t sell the french toast. Honestly, I can’t foresee ever selling any juice. For my kids, having them pitch in a bit toward supplies is just being fair.


I admit… I have made other’s recipes and sold to a couple of friends.
But, I’ve made Cookies with someone else’s recipe and sold them at a bake sale too.

I don’t see a difference, except I always give the originator credit on the label of the Juice. I
never did that with the cookies and now I feel bad., sorta… well, no, I really don’t.
Does that make me bad?


i think it has all gotten crazy , you have some like diy or die he does his thing making money so respectfully a person shouldnt but again they are here to enjoy as well and if people really think about it , look at call the request to clone thats taking from someone in a way as well , like i said i had a friend give a few comparisons and was like whoa same thing its just the difference this is our hobby and the importance of the adapting has spilled over into other what if or they did this , look what just happened with that company that sold their recipes for 100 bucks look if i buy something for 100 bucks and want to share ill do it is it wrong nope


Have been thinking about this issue lately - a company comes to mind that had a business model that seemed appealing and fair to me. However, I forgot their name… The deal was that the company would provide lab equipment, a website and manpower to mix the juices, then individual mixers like you lovely folks over here would provide a recipe and finally the customer would buy the ready made mixes from that company. In the end, the company would share profits with the author of that recipe.
To me this sounds like the best way to deal with our free-to-access recipes on ELR. And you can make some money to further indulge your hobby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: On top of that, the price and quality for customers would be lower, too!

Not sure what happened to that company, though.



/best Gabriel Iglesias voice:
“Fool, those are called Menu Boards!!”
(think drive thru foo)

As for the recipe on the box… They already got credit. The company put their name on the box!

As for real cooking: I’d damn well better get the credit, because it’s always my creation!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
/"recipe? I don’t need no stinkin’ recipe! That’s what the two shelves full of spices are for. Flavor to mood. (the body tells me what it wants)

@TheApprentis this has been covered previously! (please try our search bar, it’s awesome!) Thank you for thinking of ELR’s interests though! Very kind of you! =)



my intention was not to create a storm, it was just a question…Next time i’ll search before posting to see if a topic was covered before.

I like the work and implication of ELR creator and admins, i just wanted to point out to them that someone was using their recipes.



No worries =) You didn’t!
I was just happily letting you know that folks are aware. Just suggesting a look around was all!
Like I said, it was nice that you think enough to “warn” or inquire.


I realize this was posted a while back…

With everything that vapers have to go through with restrictions, fake news scares, anti vapeers etc etc,i think the only thing immoral is u wasting ppl’s time with this nonsense. I really do not mean to be rude but I had no other way of stating that.


I’m not so sure about that. You posted this 15 hours ago, and your account was created 15 hours ago. This was your first statement to the community? Are you a returning member and this thread just jumped up and irked you? I dont get it. Why leave a comment at all?


I left a comment the same reason u did! Because I had an opinion and I simply shared it(same as u).
Free speech and so on…
But I really didn’t mean to be rude, I’m just very direct that’s all.
I have no affiliation to the stores mentioned. But I do like to have the freedom to choose between several stores where to buy a specific flavour and nit picking comments like these don’t help