Ethos - Crispy Treats (who has the best Rice Crispies flavor?)

I bought the rare commercial juice yesterday when I was out. Most often I’m underwhelmed by them, and this one is just barely able to rank among those I would buy again. But what I learned was I need to get some Rice Crispies flavor. I could see that opening a lot of new doors for me as I quite like the flavor. Who as the best Rice Crispies flavoring? Anyway, I’m really liking this juice and as soon as I can get some flavoring I will attempt an improved version of it. Neat packaging, bottle and cloth - and at 50 cents per mil it’s a little cheaper than most around here.


I’ve been wondering about a rice crispy flavor too. I’m starting to get back into cereal vapes now that I know more about how to make them. FW Rice Treat might be a good one to start with. CAP Cereal 27 looks promising, but that’s more of a corn cereal base I think.

This looks interesting:


I’ve got Crispy Rice Cereal by FW but haven’t tried it yet :blush:
Not much help with that huh.


The creator of this recipe seems pretty confident about it and mentioned Ethos :grinning:


I definitely think fw is better than tfa.

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@SthrnMixer, I like the TFA Rice Crunchies the best because to me it has a better flavor than others I have tried. I use it in a few of my mixes and it works well where I want it to. If you add it to a cereal mix it will add a really noticeable rich depth. It also works well with marshmallow just like a rice crispies treat.


I think I’d go for

TPA Rice Crunchis at 9%
CAP Marshmallow at 8%
TPA toasted Marshmallow at 2%*
CAP Golden Butter 0.5%**
Cap Vanilla Cupcake 0.5%***

*This flavor can be intense and take over the whole recipe I dumped a 100ml because I put the toasted marshmallow in instead of regular marshmallow
**another intense flavor I’ve never used over half a percent in anything. And it’s the flavor most people miss when they make a marshmallow treat juice.
***my personal touch Wifey loves them and I make them frequently. The vanilla just makes it pop a little

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Does CAP Butter Cream compare at all to Golden Butter? If not I’ll get some Golden Butter.

Off Topic: Beware when Enyawreklaw posts a vid on youtube about specific flavors because BCV will be out of stock. His latest vid is about marshmallow. So now I can’t get my CAP marshmallow… Thanks a lot Wayne! :disappointed:

CAP Butter Cream is nothing like Golden Butter. Golden Butter is CAP’s diketone-free version of Butter. It’s simply…butter.

No offense intended, but that just doesn’t compute to me.

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Would you consider changing the vanilla cupcake to TPA? And why?

NOPE, I have both butter cream is more like a gentle sweet buttery frosting.
Golden butter is like concentrated butter. Think corn on the cob, popcorn or better yet fresh homemade bread with tons of butter on it.

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Really couldn’t say I’ve never had the TPA and use the CAP for some of my recipes.

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This is one I made and it has a rich buttery taste like the marshmallow melted in butter. Give it a try if you like rice crispy treats.

My next version I am going to use a chocolate and butter flavor to see if I can take it from good to great

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I just seen this one today and added it to my favorites. I’ve made around 4 rice crispy type juices and eh. I will give this one a shot tomorrow, It looks good.

Did you make my recipe? If so what do you think?

This is my private recipe if any interest here,

I have had the real Ethos and it’s really good. I’m still tinkering on this but I am really close with this one. Any help or suggestions are welcome if anyone is in the mood.


I’ve only had the strawberry which I thought was very good. Yours looks delicious though!

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It’s really good but to be the plain Ethos Crispies Treats, it needs a little of something, it might be Brown Sugar.

looks good i like FW but i have both tfa and fw , i have 150 + flavors but no butter , do you suggest caps ive been really big on FA lately but cap has alot of great flaves

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I have about all FW,INW,LA,FA, CAP and TFA flavors (the ones I want anyway) but if you want a sub for the best way I have found is to use FA Walnut at .5% and Nonna’s Cake at .25% together.

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