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Ethyl Alcohol Warning


Is there any good/special reason for why flavors containing ethyl alcohol doesnt trigger a warning? While i am very much aware that this will evaporate, but as of late it seem like i have turned very sensitive vaping it. Personally i care more if a concentrate contain alcohol than diketones. Anyway, what i am trying to say is that it would be nice with a warning on concentrates with alcohol to make us aware that we might not want to shakeNvape em, because it can be very unpleasant.

@daath maybe you can clarify it for me?

Also, in case there would be interest to have the alcohol trigger some warning, then i will be happy to help going through most commonly known/used flavors, check their data sheet and add the info.

Edit: Adding link to the sheet/list that is still currently a work in progress.

Removing Alcohol
Breathing process
List of MSDS sheets
Looking for Data for a project

I think there’s only trace amounts to begin with. Hardly enough to to be a concern.


From my past experience, the flavors that have alcohol in it, was never a shake and vape, and learned its best to evap the alcohol before mixing to get the best flavor. Like cooking its trial and error.


You can make your mix like usual and omit the nicotine. Just pour your flavor and base in a beaker, put the filled beaker in another pan with water, heat the water until the beaker glass is very warm but not hot, remove from water bath and mix on a magnetic stirrer, then alternate between stirrer and hot water. The alcohol will evaporate this way. I usually mix mine for an hour then add the nic before use and steep without the nicotine


Did i mention in my main post that i as of late started to be sensitive vaping it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The amount used variate a whole lot, but just the fact that they can give an unpleasant shakeNvape experience is IMO enough to consider the warning to make people aware that a steep or breath (whichever is prefer) could be worth considering.

We also have to remember here that many new mixers comes along, and if they mix some flavors with alcohol and vape it right away they will have a terrible first DIY experience/impression.


Exactly why a warning could be useful. I for one often forget to check data sheet when i order or receive new flavors, that is way to exciting time to think of such things :smiley:

Also, such knowledge is hardly something we should expect new mixers to know about.


We could easily add a warning/notice for alcohol - I just need the flavor IDs or names :slight_smile:


Sure it’s the vape and not the Thai moonshine? :wink:


There are other recent posts that strongly recommend against applying any heat, even if there’s no nicotine in it. Our flavorings are volatile components and applying heat will cause more rapid degradation of your juice.
I would always recommend patience over heat but I accept that opinions are divided on this subject.


Ok. I’ve been doing this for years and still using juice that was made 8 months ago under heat. It didnt affect the flavor, no color change and there is no nic in it. I heat just enough to thin the VG and it works just fine


Cool, i will start looking into making some list soon as possible and maybe catch you in PM about a way how this can also be maintained.


I am not sure about anything anymore after i have been dripping flavorah moonshine since early morning :smiley:


Like I said, opinions are divided on this subject (there are other long threads about steeping methods) and there are brands and flavors that are affected more than others (e.g. bakery, creams, tobaccos, fruits, …).
To see what the difference really is, you’d have to compare the same recipe of different ages, with and without heat treatment, etc. But if you’re happy with the way you make your liquids, by all means, do continue with it :slight_smile:

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One does have to use some common sense when mixing…meaning one doesn’t need to boil the stuff. Just heat a little to thin that mix and the warmtj will evaporate the alcohol. Nature’s flavors for example uses cane alcohol.


Does anyone know which chemical compounds/alcohols that is used in flavor concentrates that would be good to include in this “contain alcohol” warning/notice ?

Might as well have a list of useful keywords made from the start before starting going through too many data sheets.


If anyone got or have links to some spreadsheets that have information that would be of interest in this matter, such sheets would be very much appreciated.

Thank you @worm1 for providing me this: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/best-lorann-super-strength-flavors-for-vaping-–-color-coded-spreadsheet.832093/


The enclosed is not a spread sheet but a lists of flavors that based on their flashpoint (alcohol content?) may give vapers some information on Wizard Labs restrictions regarding their offered flavors.
re: https://wizardlabs.us/shipping-information
Might want to check with other blenders for their lists.


List of TFA flavors that contain Ethyl Alcohol is here


Thanks you very much, Yes i also found that page which is very useful, specially as soon as i got a full list of different alcohol compounds which should be included, for now i have found benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol and furfuryl alcohol being used in TPAs, just not sure if all these should be included, but have found the CAS number for these compounds so i can search by those and list that way. But very much appreciated.


Glad to be of help. Also, in case you will be checking other manufacturers, you can find links to their SDS and other reports here (there’s also some info about Furfuryl Alcohol at the bottom of the main post).