Ethyl Maltol Crystals (TPA)

Okay how do i use this do i break the crystals down. Helppppp

Suggested dilution: Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of Ethyl Maltol crystals in 10ml of PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol) or PG which ever you prefer.

Diluted mixture can then be added to your liquid. Start with one or two drops per 6ml of liquid. Add more to soften or sweeten liquid to your taste.

Some customers like to add it directly to their mix, we suggest 1 scoop per 30ml, it will generally disolve into your juice over night.

From onestopdiyshop
Hope this helps


1/4 teaspoon into 10ml is more like a 20% EM to PG ratio I believe…

I came into this issue about a year ago and this thread helped me understand quite a bit about mixing EM Crystals (esp the 3rd post down)


1 g crystals to 9 g PG. Gently heat. Shake. Repeat until dissolved. I heated my bottle in the microwave. 3 second bursts. Don’t let it get too hot.


Thank you guys so much first thought was oh shit gotta get a spoon and get all braking bad.

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In the future for reference, I buy all my acid/solutions from nude nicotine. Very, very inexpensive and you can choose the dilution level you would like.

I go with 10% for everything, I recently got a 30ml of citric acid and 30ml of ethyl maltol for near 8$ shipped. Just a suggestion so you don’t have to mess with the dilution yourself, if you are not comfortable with it that is. Vape on! :smiley: