[EU] Cheap Capellas in UK/Europe

I just saw this post on reddit:

These guys sell 100ml of Capellas for £15 and 30ml for £5:


That’s a pretty good price!

EDIT: Flaywer.de has 118ml for €24.95 which works out to about the same. Also they have 100 ml TPA flavoring for €14.95 :smile:


Shame the shipping is rather pricey compared to Chefs, wouldn’t mind stocking a 100ml bottle of Vanilla Custard…

See if flaywer.de haven’t got better shipping… Price is about the same :smile:

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I paid The E-cig Shop £2.40 postage (economy 2nd class) for 2x 30ml concentrates. Chefs Vapour’s website is quoting £3.30.