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EU Store with Large Selection of Concentrates (No UK)

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking the forum for quite a while now and I have finally decided to start making some of my own juice. I had made a list quite a while ago with some concentrates I would like to start with, I had found a store that carried all of the brands I am interested in but I don’t seem to recall which one was it.

I am looking for Capella, Inwera, TFA, Flavor West, Flavour Art, and Flavorah, but in a store within the EU and not in the UK since after Brexit things have been a mess with importing items.

Any leads to where to look? I found a German store called, steam-time but they don’t ship over Greece.

Thank you in advance for your help!


IF you are making a LARGE order (= 120€+), then Nomnomz is reasonable. Their DHL shipping is a robbery (outstanding 22 pounds), but with large order it still makes sense. This comes with zero import charge.

IF you plan to make a SMALLER order and not in hurry, then i would suggest to wait Nomnomz to solve that ridiculous Royal Mail issue first (British mail). Atm everything they sell to the EU is flagged like its coming from the mainland UK, which is not true. They are based in Northern Ireland, so under Brexit agreement they are still in the EU tax zone (so no import tax should be paid; meaning our fucks at customs are breaking the law if they charge them). I am sure this will be solved in a matter of weeks, because all the NI export to the EU is hurt by this nonsense (not just vaping industry). When this is finally solved the shipping should be around 6 pounds.

IF you plan to make a MICRO order, that might be an option to buy at Chefs (since they charge 5.95 for shipping only; by Royal Mail) – but this is just for orders up to 22€ (without shipping). This should go through without problems (but you can never be 100% sure with our customs bandits, i mean officials, right?). Up to 22€ limit might sound ridiculous, but at nomnomz for example (i didn’t have time to check at Chefs) this would mean 15 SSA flavors, which ain’t bad for under 30€ with shipping.

I don’t think you will find any good offers within the EU (at least i’m not aware of them) plus even if you could find something nearly comparable, the selection would much more limited.

What i will do? I’ll wait until Nomnomz solves that Royal Mail issue and if not i’ll just order it from Chefs when they have a discount – even with import tax (if they charge me at all) would still make a good buy and i’ll get almost everything i need for some time.


Well done @Mikser

Welcome to the community @RandomJuice I hope your first order goes through without a hitch.

:v: :vulcan_salute: