EU stores you go to buy your flavorings

Hi there, I am from Romania, and i am mixing my ejuice for quite some time now (over 4 years).
Lately, i wanted to go and try out some of the top rated recipes i found here, and especially those filtered by Scottes777, and gathered in his 2 amazing posts he made for us. Thx dude!

The problem i stumbled into is that, the stores here in Romania, on the one side do not have all the major brands, Capella Tpa and FA, or have really few flavors an i need to order from 3 different vendors, and on the other side, is the price. For a capella flavour i need to pay over 4.5 EURO, and that is without shipping,

To solve this problem (and somehow to punish the stores here) i want to order from other stores in EU, and i want to ask you where do you make your shopping for flavours and bases. I am interested in stores that have all major brands and practice good prices.

Thank you in advance, and excuse my spelling and grammar!

If you scroll down a bit on this page you will find a lot of vendors that can hook you up with what you need. Good luck.
I just realized that this vendor wasn’t in that list

Due to our very weak pound currency at the moment here In the UK, worth looking at thee-cigshop and maybe Rainbowvapes they both ship to Romania according to their website.

Also check Chefsflavours but can’t confirm they ship to Romania

The main European vendor I use is Pink Mule and they seem to ship to a wide variety of European countries including Romania. Though their prices seem quite expensive of late. But they will ship nicotine with your order.

Discount codes maybe available for some of these vendors also, but you will need to google it for the latest ones.


Discount codes is also available in the link i posted, at least for the vendors that offer one.

Thank you for your advices, the store in Bulgaria seems really nice, i think ill order from my neighbors.

You don’t have to be worried dude there are a lot of online stores on the Internet that provides quality products, you should try just did a lil research before placing your order.