Some here have been working with these flavors and these are my favorites so far. I’m waiting for others reviews before I order more.

They aren’t super concentrated but these are some great flavors. Very reasonably priced too.


If I wasn’t fully stocked on Banana and Lemon I would have ordered those too.


Some pretty low prices for that size bottle…what kind of percentages are you using to get results? And where did you purchase from??

All that I ordered are @ 8% single flavor. Some others I have is less concentrated and didn’t taste quite as good.

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[quote=“Whiterose0818, post:2, topic:55519”]
where did you purchase from??


I keep seeing EuroFlavor concentrates mentioned but never spotted a source for them in, erm, Europe.

Anyone know if they’re imported into the States or is the name just a marketing thing?

I was thinking of placing an order for some non-tobacco flavors from EF. Has anyone else tried some of the EF flavors which are stand out good? :yum: