Anyone order from this company ?? They have 2 things I want . If I can shop for both at one place that would be great …TIA


Looks like there’s 20 results (with links to them (aside from yours)…

@David5362 said 11d ago that a had great results dealing with them (in his post in the Good Deals thread.)

Ogre, SD, and others have linked to products on their website… I didn’t dig much further then that, but it looks promising at least at a surface glance. (Didn’t see any links to the Buyers Beware thread.)


They are out of Florida. Everything has turned out great dealing with them. On the first order, they called me because security tagged an issue, I wanted an item shipped to my home but my card address is a PO box used for business. They were exceptionally nice and we fixed the issue and was mailed out the same day as the call, (1 business day after receiving my order) arrived in WV USPS in a few days). I have spent a few hundred with them in the last couple months. I recommend them.


That, in itself, is a sign that they care about the customer. Plus, they don’t want to get caught up in a bunch of fraud crap. Good on them. :sunglasses:


On a side note: It’s good to know there are good shopping sites in the US. :wink:


Thank You …


Man, but that name… not criticizing but still. I can understand that back in 2011 when they founded but you’d think they’d want to distance from using that entire word. But-

I definitely like that part!


I recently ordered from them. No issue. My only complaint was that shipping was going to cost me more than the one small item I wanted. I had a friend order for me because for some reason his shipping cost was much lower. Idk why. He’s in Illinois and I’m in MA. Even paying him a few dollars to ship to me was still saving me money.