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Everything Shisha


No they are everywhere, like a sysco, US foods, GFS, etc


Now that’s a Ejuice. You must have gotten all those flavors in your Vape Mail today…lol. Sounds like I ate at the wrong house tonight, Yum, Yum. I got a package from FW coming this week too (Thursday). Just in time for blending day…

Caramel (Salted)
100 Dispensing caps for the flavor bottles (4oz)
Restock flavors

Actually didn’t have to restock flavor or the new flavors but the shipping is too high if buying only the caps which is actually what I needed…


Never heard of this?

I mean my dirty mind has heard it but I haven’t heard of this flavor wise…


Well I just tasted the ginger 1 drop on the back of my hand and honestly it taste pretty spot on the one thing I am picking up on as it settles on my tongue is a very very slight lemon and lime accent. But Yes a true ginger.

And I will have to search to see if that company is here in Wa. Kewl thanks 4 the tip…now since you probably hold some sort of license do you have a membership of sorts to buy at these places.


National Wildlife Foundation right?


Pervert !!! :anguished:

North west flavors ECX All VG based flavors since my body decided to not like pg after oh a couple years of vaping


That could make for a true vape? Ginger has that “fresh” like taste as citrus


It smells spot on, now I should make a perfume of it and wear it. Sep probably get carried away with bees or something who knows around here maybe a bear.

Pick it up. add to your list now like you did to me this am. :smiley:


I have yet to try a VG based flavor. I use all VG anyways and I seem to be around 10% now with my pg flavorings. Do you notice a difference in VG based?


we are MAKING A MESS of this thread take it to the PM ! :wink:


I was waiting for our flavor man to get back to me on what other recommendations he was working on, I know ginger was one…but I may just have to get 1!
I have yet to like the majority of FW flavors. I’m basing this on the 20 or so MBV flavors I have though, which are the fruits…too candyish


…yes mother

I hope the guy who created this thread will understand



[quote=“DarthVapor, post:25, topic:32372, full:true”]

OMG this just wrecked my work on mothers milk and several other juices.


I got a response from Inawera. They said they are out of it for now but it will be back in stock soon. This just reminds me to make sure or try to make sure I can get a material sourced when I need it. It is very frustrating to be working on a flavor recipe for months and then get down to a couple grams out of a 30ml bottle of flavor and go to order it just to find out it has been discontinued or they are out of stock. Makes me think about using straight raw materials for everything.


Well I hope so, although I will say it seems a little suspect that they completely removed it from their site and all the vendors that sell it, just because it’s out of stock? Hmmmm


I just got some Shisha strawberry for the first time and made my wife a 10ml sample, she doesn’t care for it so far but I think its fantastic. Cant wait to try out some recipes!

Shisha : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/328189/Shisha

4% Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA)

Flavor total: 4%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/2CdL


It’s my favorite but most others I’ve talked to aren’t fans of it either, more for us lol.


I can’t find any shisha SB anywhere!!! I just used the last of what I have and I am totally 86…

I have a few orders to fill and 4 of them I need the damn shisha for :frowning:

If anyone has some extra the are willing to share PLEASE let me know!! I don’t mind paying or trading for it, I just really need some…I got the itch…tweakin!! I’m tweakin!! you got the stuff man? I need the stuff man!!


ECX has the stuff man


As of last night they showed oos, I’ll try again