Everythingliquid (UK) experiences

Hello Vapers

Wondering what your experience is with http://everythingliquid.co.uk?

I bought 2500ml nicotine 29 july 2017 and they took the money from my account 1. august 2017
When I look at my order at their site I can see the order is on hold.
I have contacted them twice but got no answer.

Not trying to start a fire here. Just wondering if this is normal behavior?

Vape on :wind_face:

I’ve never heard of this vendor but not replying to customer questions is definitely not normal, not a good way to treat and keep your customers :-1:

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I saw this post and I thought, don’t’ know this one, let’s have a look, but by the look if it… not worthy… keep us updated… thanks and sorry to hear that…


I just found out that they have a profile on ELR but it hasn’t been used. Maybe @daath can have a look into it.


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First thing that comes to mind for me since TPD has kicked in is what serious vendor is offering Nicotine in such amounts today?

Any vendor that offer nicotine in bigger bottles than 10ml and stronger than 20mg to normal customers that doesn’t have a business license can’t be trusted. This is at least my point of view on it as the reality looks at the moment.

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It looks like it’s them alright. Their public profile is here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=33997 - They haven’t had any recent activity here, though.

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Wao! I didn’t get your comment since the amounts you mentioned are very low and proceed to search about EU TPD requirements. I could vape ejuice batched with that amount of nic in a couple of days. I’m starting to understand all the Vapocalipse concerns in the community with potential requirements of new FDA regulations. I will consider ordering a couple of gallons of nicotine myself. Give me a good Labor Day Sale @River_Supply_Co

Well, actually there are several shops offering this. Not only nicotine, also hardware can be bought illegal several places.
I have other places to buy from. Everythingliquid was just cheaper.

Maybe thew will answer me in the next couple of days. Maybe Ill just contact my banker and ask him the redraw the money and never go back to that site,
Just wondering if any of you knew something about this vendor

I did write what you see above. Still stand by that.

I’ve ordered from them a few times last month (various orders of nic, flavour, and PG/VG), dispatched the orders the same day if the orders went in early enough (except for a Friday order that shipped on a Monday).

I’d suggest giving them a ring, the number is on their website. They were very helpful when I rang on the Monday to check when the Friday order would dispatch.

Actually, thinking about it… can you update if this gets resolved as I’m hoping to place another order soon for flavours and pg/vg and would hate to put in an order if they are having issues.

Sure thing. I havent decided what to do yet. I will either call them tomorrow or my banker asking him to return the transfer.
Im a little pissed at them atm :grin:

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Thank you kindly… and yeah, can understand being a little pissed with a lack of response from them.

It was returned by Danish customs…
But everythingliquid will return my money

F***ing danish custom :joy::rofl:

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Well that just sucks!

I had assumed you were UK based, never make assumptions as some are wont to say, but I guess that the issue is obviously out of everythingliquid’s hands.

Are the Danish against vaping, or is it a case that they are stricter with the letter of the TPD law, or that customs are just bloody minded… or even a bit of all three? Such are the joys of international trade and customs :-/

Just to let you guys know. I havent received my money back as promised.
They dont answer my mails.

Because of my experience with this dealer I wont recommend them to anybody. They suck big time!