Evic Primo Mini - One of the BEST

This is not a review… I just had to tell my buddies!
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I love small, single 18650, 80 watt mods for on the go activities. Fits nice in the pocket and battery lasts well if it’s kept below 50w…assuming it’s at least a 2500 mah cell (personally for these kinds of mods I love the tootsie roll LG’s). The Primo Mini is amazing! It accommodates 25mm atomizers which is a huge plus. It feels so nice in the hand due to the tear drop shape. The huge fire button lines up perfect with your trigger finger. Its clicky no matter where you press it. The screen…oh that big beautiful screen! Its elegant looking and easy to see as long as your indoors. Outside in sun it’s invisible. Usually mod makers that add on carbon fiber vinyl decals make it so the vinyl can catch on things and peel. On the Primo Mini they’ve made it i set so it is very, very hard to catch on stuff. I work with vinyl everyday and it’s good material.

I bought this off Everzon.com on clearance. Unbelievably this cost me $22 before shipping! I went back to buy another and the price was bumped up to $32…still not bad for how nice it is. Would anyone be interested in a full review of this? Let me know what you think! Who else loves these small 80w devices?


Do it!! I’m interested. I’d like to know if it’s basically an eVic VTC Mini 3.0 or if it’s something totally different. That tank looks awesome on it!


Cool man thanks! Yea that’s the Digiflavor Pilgrim on top and it’s a 25mm tank. It fits perfect on the primo mini and I love it!


I just posted in deals section of the forum. These are on sale for the mod only for $21 on csvape under they’re deal of the day. Use coupon code CSV4 for 40% off.

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Sweet thanks for spreading the good news! This mod is totally worth $21 all day. I wouldnt mind a second one in a different color

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