Evic Primo

Anybody got one of these yet
Saw DLJ vapes review from Daniel he was impressed
Not that I need one but I sure want one if it feels good do it
And for $50 tank included I might spring for that
Of course I do RTA tanks ain’t buying coils

I was also looking into getting one of these but after watching Mike Vapes’ video, i was persuaded not to get it haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9DYd0fS6sA

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Glad I asked peeps
The 510 connection bad other than that he loved it

Mike has an updated video
In it Joytech has fixed the 510 connections
But it also says that you can buy an Avatar quick charger for fast charging in description of the Evic Primo
This doesn’t sound like a good idea to me on an 18650 battery
Anyone think this will work ok

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If you’re planning on getting that mod I would hold off for a while, just to make sure you don’t get one of the first batch with the dodgy 510

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Yes that is the thing the vendors are sure to be selling the ones with bad 510 connections first

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Without a doubt. I considered one just a few days ago. They were on sale in gearbest and 3fvape for $35. It’s not worth the risk with a dodgy 510 though.

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yeah i saw that video. but since the packaging for both are the same, id be too scared to order one and end up getting the bad version.

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Think I might just go out on a limb with the Wismec Predator 228 looks great and same features as primo phone charging capable and Wismec was good on the rx200 I have still in drawer just beat up from work still working

Same 510 too, they’ve got crate loads of the things lol

Wismec and joytech
Going to pre-order order on vapenw predator

You’re a braver man than I am. I wouldn’t take the chance on pre-ordering a mod, gotta wait for the reports on what’s wrong with the damn things and then get the upgraded fixed one lol

It’s only money
Pulled the trigger on Vapenw 42 bucks shipping and all Gold one
Never had a problem with them or the Wismec products
Will let you know how it goes I did get burned on an IPV 6 bottom battery door sucked is in the trash heap

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I wish you well with it, the gold looks really good. A full report on TC would be appreciated :thumbsup:

I really don’t do TC at all but I might revisit it again with this mod
I had no problems with the rx200 from Wismec hope the same with this one I did some TC on that mod
Power mode does all I want in vaping

Looks like the full review is in
I watched Mike’s Vapes yesterday and he gave it no cons
So I guess when they come in I will be getting a nice device with a great price 39 bucks from VapeNW
Unless they send me the lemon one lol
Can’t wait but will have to now going to order a OBS Engine
Gold to top it off matchy matchy
Glad i went with the Predator 228 over the Evic Primo

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I seen that review too and it looked pretty good. But I wouldn’t trust mike vapes opinion on anything. Ambitionz vaper said in his comments section that he’s going to do a predator vs alien vs ipv8 showdown soon. That should be a good one to watch, also DJLsb vapes review on the it should cover the technical stuff like TC. So far it’s looking like a good buy.

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Yes Daniel does so real reviews I have him on the notify also
And Pbasrdo go in deep dive
Will see what happens wacting is the hard part

Check out @anon60225325 pic of the gold engine in the vape mail thread. That is one gorgeous tank.

I can’t watch busardo, he drones on and on and on. It’s like sitting through a boring lecture at college lol