eVic VTC Mini 60W Screen Scrolling Issues

I experienced this issue last night, where the screen starts scrolling to the left, displaying pixelated gibberish. I did a search on the inner tubes and found this:


It only happened one time with me so far; intermittent issue, I’m guessing. Hasn’t affected performance…it was just annoying and spooky! :ghost::space_invader::ghost::space_invader::ghost::space_invader::ghost:

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That’s a bit scary :confused: I hope it doesn’t die on you… Does it still do it after you when it’s been powered off?


Nope. :+1: Once you power off and on again she plays nice!

Oh new technology! …fickle mistress, but we still yearn for her.


Haven’t had that problem. Fingers x. :vulcan_salute:

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