Ex-smoker below CDC Predictions

No stats in relation to the increase of vapers…

New CDC Data Shows Smoking Continues to Fall as Vaping Increases.

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It would be amazing if the CDC or any governmental agency would admit that vaping is being used successfully as a smoking alternative. They won’t even recognize the harm reduction.

Conley’s anecdotal on the report is good, and his statement is also truth…but how does the public get this information?

It is undeniable that vaping has played a significant role in promoting cessation among adult smokers,” said Conley. “It is time for activists to stop making nonsense claims that vaping is somehow leading to more smoking by adults or teens

Government won’t cop to that. No, they’ll probably attribute it to their ad campaigns.

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Our only avenue is Twitter, FB, Instagram.The vape community need to pull together and blast public media on some viral type shit.

To much reading and not enough typing going on in the vape community. ELR community role is weak at best.

If I post on FB I get 50-75 responses. A post here may get 5 or 6 responses with 100-150 views.

The viewers know who they are. So many people stick their head in the sand and hope it will pass by.

There are some here that’s really dedicated… but the vast majority here are just spectators.

Well said ProVapes.
I think we all would benefit If all vaperers would become a member of CASAA.
Re: http://www.casaa.org/Become_a_Member.html
The CASAA folks work very hard on the vaping community behalf to fight the vape misinformation that the unaware is constantly bombarded with.
All a vaperer is ask to do from time to time is simply endorse (sometimes a form letter) a protest to some gov. or state reps.
Is that too much?

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