Exceed NC with NotchCore Review by Amber

Joyetech Exceed NC with NotchCore

Seems that Joyetech is trying to definitely set themselves apart with the convenience factor with some of the new devices they are coming out with. The newest in the Exceed line is the Exceed NC with NotchCore Tank. It is a tube-styled device that employs the same Notch Coils as the Espion Silk. The Exceed NC with NotchCore was provided to me by Joyetech for this review.

Features and Specs Exceed NC Mod:

  • Dimensions: 3-5/16" x 7/8" (Without Tank)
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 510 Threaded
  • Built-in 2300mAh Battery
  • Direct Output and Constant Voltage Output Modes
  • Simple One Button Design
  • Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Dual Circuit Protection
  • Over-Charging Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Over-Discharging Protection
  • Max Output Wattage: 45W

Features and Specs NotchCore Tank:

  • Dimensions: 1-7/8" x 7/8" (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • 510 Threaded
  • Gold Plated Atomizer Base
  • 2.5ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • Retractable Top Fill Design
  • Glass Tank
  • Dual Airflow Slots
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control Valve
  • Evenly Heated Surface Area for Low Wattage Builds
  • Utilizes Joye NotchCoil Horizontal SS304 Coil for Variable Wattage
  • Includes (2) NotchCoil 0.45ohm with Cotton (20 - 25W) (Pre-installed)
  • 510 Drip Tip


I can really appreciate the detail and lines that encompass the device; it is black with a small bit of branding around the base. You wouldn’t even see the logo if you weren’t quite looking for it. It has the matching NotchCore Tank, which is simply the same tank used for the Espion Silk. The tank itself is actually suited better to this device than the Silk, they blend much better aesthetically. The firing button is an illuminated square, and what feels like a chunky, rubberized plastic. The one problem I do have with the overall design is the thick coat-style paint being used. It is such a thick coat, sometimes not quite even in some spaces, and it chips incredibly easily. There are already a few spots near the bottom where paint has worn away, not from damage, but simply setting the device down.

Usage and Performance

The Exceed NC is the usual 5 on/off, with a change from Direct Output to Constant Voltage Output by holding down the firing button while the device is in the off position. While the manual lists this as 5 seconds, it’s more like close to 10 seconds. With the SS304 Notch Coils being 0.45ohm, the mod is actually pushing out around 20-25 watts. That’s perfectly fine, as that is the recommended wattage for the Notch Coils. Battery life will be about one day’s usage, of course depending on how much you use it. The device has an internal 2300mAh battery, so a little less what we have come to expect from a starter device that could handle a little more oomph in the battery life.

What was supposed to be convenient can actually be a little finicky. The coils are press fit. They fit into a small gold plate on the base of the Atomizer, just like the NotchCore Tank on the Espion Silk. The problem is that these coils can be somewhat hard to clean if you haven’t already used them correctly previously. Dry firing the Notch Coils can actually degrade them, sometimes even breaking it right in half upon firing. They are pretty delicate. I would not suggest using the device to pulse the coils clean, simply because you cannot regulate the wattage at which you are doing it. If you feel the need to pulse the coils to clean them, you need to put them on a mod that can fire round 5-7 watts, and quickly pulse them clean. Another way to clean these coils is a good rinse and brush, something with a delicate head on it, and very fine bristles. Dry quickly. The manual will actually warn against rinsing them, but as long as they are quickly dried afterward, it can actually extend the coil life. When wicking the NotchCore Tank, fanning the legs of the cotton a bit will help wicking tremendously.

Here is a small tip, if you do dry fire them, they eventually contract a bit, and will no longer slip tightly into place into the gold plated base. Simply pull the ends gently to expand the coil to its original shape. Don’t get all heavy handed, or you may start cursing, possibly very loudly.

Let’s talk flavor! So the flavor here is between a simple pod device and a beefy premade coil. It sits right in the middle of those two. It is not close to an RDA, nor would I expect it to be. A 60/40 VG PG blend is just the right spot for this one. I have actually been using the Exceed NC and NotchCore for CBD blends. It works fantastically for wicking a 60/40 base CBD mix. The flavor is right where I would expect it to be, and it wicks up great with no dry hits at all.

My Thoughts

The Exceed NC with NotchCore obviously gets high marks for its convenience. It’s simply wick and go. I would have loved to see this kit come with a third coil, as they provided many coils with the previous Espion Silk Kit. I would really hope that someone wouldn’t buy this kit, toss the directions and dry fire the two Notch Coils on this. The manual does not say ‘Do Not Dry Fire’. It simply says don’t rinse with water, and to gently scrub and wipe the coils. Some of us inpatient folks leave the manuals in the box, never touching them or the box again. The price point is a little high on some sites, although I found it fairly priced around $36 on Myvaporstore. The neat thing here is you don’t have the chance to ruin the coils on an 80w device like the Espion Silk; the Exceed NC places the wattage respectively where it needs to be. The flavor could definitely be better, but it is still enjoyable. The Notch Coils being press fit is the biggest selling point, as well as the longevity of the Notch Coils. Take care of them, and they can last beyond 6 weeks with gentle cleaning. The convenience factor makes the Exceed NC a pretty darn good buy, even as a starter kit or ease-of-use device.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Joye Exceed NC Mod
    1 x Joye NotchCore Tank
    2 x NotchCoil SS304 0.45ohm with Cotton (Pre-installed)
    1 x Replacement Glass
    1 x Set of Spare Parts
    1 x Micro USB Cable

Exceed NC with NotchCore $36.99 Myvaporstore

Exceed NC with NotchCore $49.99 3Fvape

Joyetech Exceed NC with NotchCore Product Page

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Excellent review! Everything laid out there that I need to evaluate the unit.


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@Silhouette Nice review and a very interesting device. I have another tank that uses the same notched coil and it works well. Only advice is that while it can be dry burned to clean you must use very low watts (<18W) or it is easily damaged. Other than a little gentle care dry burning and rewicking, these can last a long time and work well. Big fan of your pics! Creative and clean …kudos!

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Which is something I really wish they would have thought of with this one. You can either wait and dry burn the coils when it loses enough battery, or simply put on another device to clean low wattage. But they do last quite a long time, which is really neat. Only on the second coil on the Silk, and that was because I physically lost the first one. It sprung out of my fingers into oblivion.

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