Excellent Article Re: Nicotine Prohibition

Came across this exceptionally well written article this evening: Welcome to the Nicotine Prohibition Era


Saw this posted to rediit. Next up they will poison cigarettes like they did with alcohol. Oh wait…

I remember the Eric Garner murder, i can still see the disgusting video in my mind. They killed a man over a smoke, ffs.

Sure are a lot of misspellings in that article, not what i would expect from Reason. Not to take focus off of the very important topic but, braine, harmefull, custome? Come on, a simple spell checker would work here.

Edit: i changed the word event to murder as it was in my opinion.


Agree on the spelling errors, and it was murder. It is nonetheless newsworthy and thought provoking. In fairness (to me) it’s late and I am still distraught over losing my best buddy…


It really was. I dont say this based on anything other than the law. They had no jurisdiction, they werent IRS agents and there was no court order. He resisted, time and time again the high courts have ruled that if an officer is arresting you illegally you have the right to defend yourself. It should have never been brought to the point of self defense, Pantaleo should have been charged not just fired.

All of this craziness over nicotine. Can you even believe it?

No need for defense, good sir. It is an excellent article and highlights the massive stupidity of our society. Thank you for sharing and know that our thoughts are with you.

EDIT: After cooling down a bit i, there are state taxed but to murder someone over a couple bucks…


To be fair to the article/author, that was in a quotation of 17th century English, allegedly how it was written, not misspellings.


Well now that totally makes sense, thank you for correcting me. I dont often let my emotions get the best of me but when they do they override all.


That was a great read, and total overview piece @HVPGH.