Expansion of Stash

So, with the little I have left from the Christmas bonus that isn’t earmarked for bills or been taken by the wife, I want to expand my stash with some of the more ‘premium’ concentrates.

My stash is full of TPA, FA, CAP, FW, and I was told that means I lack depth in my profiles. Heck, I’ll agree with that. So, I want to get a few from makers like Purilium, Inawara, RF maybe? Sorry for butchering the names.

I want to add a deeper level to the creams, cakes, and even fruits… What are your thoughts on what I call ‘premium’ concentrates? Maybe some that are good for a lot of different recipes as opposed to sparse usage in just a few (Biscuit comes to mind in that regard).

Always happy to get the community’s opinions!!

And where’s the best place to get them? (Price mostly). I’ve always used Heartlandvapes but while they are pretty dang cheap with a low free-shipping minimum, they lack depth of selection.


A few that come to mind are liquid barn vanilla ice cream (super versatile and imo great fresh and steeped), fa butter (I know, its still fa but seriously… premium flavor for damn sure), RF French toast, and all of the Purilum cheesecakes are very good.


I have enough FA Butter to bathe a battalion, so that’s cool then. Thanks!

I don’t mean to call out just the three I’ve mentioned if anyone has any other ‘premium’ makers to list.


Lol now I do remember you mentioning that. That’s a very good thing. :joy:


A few more purilums that I really like are butter pecan, butter pecan praline ice cream, cookie, simply cake, and vanilla bourbon with cream.

Inawera vanilla shisha is really good, seems to go with everything.

Medicine flower butterscotch and lemon are both delicious.


I’d like to mention that (TPA) French vanilla deluxe is a great flavor!!! Very creamy and a staple in any dessert or tobaccos! I keep it in big bottles…


Absolutely. Looove that flavor!


INW custard is my favorite custard, INW creme brûlée is so good I mostly vape it as a single flavor, I’ll second the shisha vanilla @VapeyMama mentioned, it’s a wonderful vanilla and strong too:) I love every rfsc flavor I have tried, but all I have from them is pink candy, aged bourbon creme, and cookies and cream, fyi the cookies and creme tastes like oreo’s, little light on the creme filling but just like the cookie part:)


This was one I wanted to like so badly. My stupid tongue just doesn’t agree with chocolate flavors. :cry: But I have seen tons of people loving it!


Great, loving it so far. I have TFA (or FW, not sure) Cookies and Cream, but it’s flat. Was hoping for the Oreo goodness of which you speak…is TPA French Vanilla Deluxe much better than TPA French Vanilla? I do have that one and I like it; reminds me of a vanilla tootsie roll. But 'Deluxe" must be better!


Make sure it’s not the v2 version


Does the v2 actually say v2 on it? I have one bottle from diy vapor supply that says organic and is a lighter brown, and one directly from RF that doesn’t say organic and is much darker, almost black…:flushed: I’ve only used the diyvs bottle so far. They smell a little different…


one i still need to try


I’ve been really after a toffee-nut-praline-crunch recipe. I tried regular CAP Hazelnut (gadzooks, raw ripe hazelnuts wasn’t what I was hoping for) and TPA Hazelnut Praline (gadzooks again, why is it even called that???) without success, though I admit I haven’t tried a lot of different recipes with them. Wish I could find The One. I had a vendor version a few years ago that was really good but have not been able to come remotely close to any sort of success.


Hangsen caramel toffee is really good! Kinda creamy milky toffee-y caramel.


inawera - biscuit , lemon , cherries , cactus , shisha strawberry , shisha vanilla

RFSC - strawberry milkshake , yumberry , strawberry , milk

Hangsen - italian cream

OOO - cream ( milky yndertone )

LB - VIC and any of their creams

Mf - lemon , vanilla , wild raspberry , watermelon , grape , dark chocolate , caramel ,

these are off the top of my head very popular flaves that many use including myself


My vote is for the VG version…RF VG french toast.


What % do you mix it at and how long do you steep it for? I’ve had very limited success with the vg rf flavors, but I don’t think I’m doing it right…


later this year i need to add a few Hangsen , INW and FLV flaves to my stash byt im on a flave buying freeze until ive put some flaves to use that i havent used yet


I’m definitely going to be trying more hangsen, I only have a small handful so far but they’re all great!