Expired concentrates by over a year!

Shitty this really sucks


Don’t toss them. If they still smell and taste fine, there’s nothing wrong with them. That’s not necessarily an expiration date. It’s more a “sell-by” date. It doesn’t mean it’ll go off the next day or even the next month. They should be good for years!

It is poor practice to sell something past its sell-by date, though…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agreed @Wombatred26. @ladycrooks I don’t even worry about the dates on the bottles. I’ve got flavors over 10 years old, and they working fine. I do date code all flavors when I receive them, just for my records.


Many concentrates remain stable for decades. A best before is just a legal requirement: Worchester Sauce will never go bad but must have a BB.


I don’t worry either. I still have concentrates from my very first order. While it is true that I don’t use them very often, but when I do, they are still good.

However, I do agree with this statement

Even though I agree with this statement, I would never know because I just don’t look. (while going through a new order looking at sell by dates) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Some concentrates like tres leches fw actually taste bad after their exp date. Well, mine was about 1 and a half year past it.
Some others taste lighter/more diluted like, you’ll need more percentages to get the same flavour strength.


While never having to toss a single flavor due to aging, sometimes some Lemons or citrus can loose some of their high end punch, but even at that, they still worked great. I’ll have to see if I have the FW TL and see how it tastes.


The point is the company I bought these from shouldn’t be selling product that is over a year expired.
I didnt say I was going to throw it out either. Also when they slept on shipping my order across Canada it took 1 week btw and ive ordered from las Vegas and it was here in less than a week the guy was ignorant to me. Meanwhile he’s pulling shady shit like that…just gets me to shake my head that’s all


I am totally on your side my friend. There seems to be a lot of shady sh!t going on lately.


I agree. They shouldn’t have sent it THAT much past it’s shelf date. Like I said. It seems like shady practice to be selling it after that date.


Generally I’ve found in 7 years of mixing that the shelf life of flavor concentrates is dependent on their particular composition. For example flavors like Ceylon cinnamon, Fuji apple, and many fruits age well with no color or after taste degradation (they do however lose some of their potency). Other flavors and ones with particularly additives like acetylpyrazine and ethyl maltol discolor and tend to give off tastes. One that comes to mind that is retched after a year is Cap sugar cookie. I have basically sworn off AP cause in the beginning I mistakenly ordered a 4 ounce bottle of it and hardly used it for over a year, then when I tried it, it was awful. It’s black now, like my old sugar cookie.



How strange, I am not doubting you, but I have a AP that is 5 years old or so and it looks the same and smells the same. I just checked to be sure and I forgot how much I like the stuff until I got a whiff of it.

I wonder if you got a bad batch and that’s why it tasted awful? Just a thought.

I totally stopped using Cap. flavors and I have never tried the sugar cookie.


i have about 1ml left of Cap SC, date 5/21/18, it looks & smells just fine.


Normally when a company sells out of date concentrates they reduce the price and tell you the reason why but what happened to you is bang out of order by the company you purchased from. I agree with the others here that most concentrates last much longer than the use by date but that’s entirely besides the point and I’m sure Trading Standards would love to know about this because at the end of the day these are consumable products that could be used in food. Have you contacted them about this particular issue?


Perhaps, it was from my very first flavor concentrate order in 2014 from Wizard Labs (a 4 ounce 120ml glass bottle stored always in a dark room temp cupboard). I am considering ordering a 10ml size now, the size I originally should have ordered. *Tip to new mixers / save some money by ordering small quantities when starting out to make sure you are going to use frequently, or even like at all.