Exploaderated Coils

Okay, so not actually – but why did several of the coils I just made have the wraps fuse together, and why did a couple actually pop right off the deck because the legs burned right thru?

Was working with crazywire’s 316l SS alien and juggernaut claptons. The bands on the juggernaut seemed to be the place of the hotspots, they broke really fast. Not even a guess what happened to the aliens.

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This here might show you how to handle SS wire coils.


Oh no, not good.

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Ah, right, lower the wattage. I’m dumb XD

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@Ailith if you overtwist your wire it might stress fracture. Heh blowing stuff up is how Men learn :wink:


I see nothing, nothing…hey how about those Cubbies?


Usually how to make bigger 'splosions!


Watch your 510 connection. Your chips (assuming regulated) fire voltage based on resistance to achieve wattage. A bad 510 will give false resistance readings which can make your chip think it needs to fire higher voltage which can make it fire scary high wattages based on the false info it sees. It can be pretty scary. Just a shot in the dark since you have burned several!

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Nah, for me it was just firing them at 100watts, worked way better at 30 and with patience :P.

Still don’t really like SS tho. Kanthal seems more reliable in power mode, and TC less satisfying over-all. Tho my Captain ndid give way better results than the G150 did. Smok’s chip just isn’t as good. It’s ohm reading isn’t even as accurate as the captain according to my separate meter. It’s not wildly off, just not as accurate.