Export flavours Bug

Just a quick note… the export csv of the stash doesn’t include the rate (I assume its meant to be the liquid/bottle amount in ml).

Also, is there any way to export the recipes? If not, and the ability was added, would it be possible to have it export the following:- (both for each individual recipe page (of your own recipe) and/or for the full set (of your own recipes))

eg: (xxx=relevant grams, not included as I use drops)
Awesome Juice Mix;Nicotine juice 75 mg (100% PG);2.67;xxx;107;5.34
Awesome Juice Mix;PG dilutant;2.06;xxx;83;4.12
Awesome Juice Mix;VG dilutant;42.53;xxx;1702;85.06
Awesome Juice Mix;Lemonade (SC) (Real Flavors);0.25;xxx;10;0.50
Awesome Juice Mix;Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors);0.88;xxx;35;1.75
My Other Mix;Nicotine jui…

That way it could be pulled into a spreadsheet, or similar, to do other calcs/processing on (I’m such a nerd, lol).

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Rate should be the third column in the export.

There are two options for exporting - Right beside the big green “My recipes”-button, there are two export buttons. Now they are very primitive exports, but you get your data :wink:


Sorry, should have been a bit clearer… the rate column does exist, but always contains nothing ( ;; ) even though I have filled out a few.

And, yeps I’ve just seen the recipe export button, now that you have mentioned it. My bad as I so rarely used that page (My page/favourites) as I tend use the drop down menu to go directly to recipes or stash and have those pages always open in tabs so just flit between them.

Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s very odd. When I export, all my rates are there (I rated about 1/3 of my stash I think)…

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How strange, this is a partial list of my export of the stash:
“Aniseed (Rainbow Vapes)”;;;2.49;""
“Apple (SC) (Real Flavors)”;3.0;;1.89;“Quite a tart apple”
“Black Raspberry (SC) (Real Flavors)”;3.0;;1.89;""
“Blackberry (SC) (Real Flavors)”;3.0;;1.89;""
“blackcurrent (TPA)”;;;5.50;""
“Blood Orange (SC) (Real Flavors)”;3.0;;1.89;""
“Blue Raspberry (SC) (Real Flavors)”;3.0;;7.90;""
“Blue Raspberry (TPA)”;;;;""
All have bottle size/rate (ml) entered, except for the “Blue Raspberry (TPA)”

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I just checked directly in the database; you haven’t rated any of the flavors in your stash… :slight_smile: Also no ml in Mixmaster Black Ice :slight_smile:


Oh… “rate” - DOH!

I thought it, rate, was the quantity field (which I now know is not exported).

(Is there a facepalmingmyself emoji?)


Ah, but you made me aware that I was missing the volume field, so now it’s there, after cost, before notes :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the polite way you handled my misunderstanding. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I can normally export my recipes into Wizzy app. I love the app and can import from here and the French site clones too. It’s not currently working for ELR and it’s my issue with it

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