Extra "Cold" Menthol?

Hey all. I am trying to dial in an ADV based on Burst Blizzard Straw-Brrrst (a menthol strawberry with a very cold throat hit).

My recipe is:
2-3% INW Shisha Strawberry
3-4% CAP Menthol
2% TPA Koolada (10%)
2% CAP Super Sweet

I’m looking for suggestions on other menthols or Koolada-type flavors that give an extra cold throat feeling. CAP Menthol seems to be pretty weak, it does taste like menthol but no cooling sensation. That’s what I like Koolada for, and it’s almost gotten me there, but I can’t take it past 2%. It actually seems to be less cooling and more just ‘lip-numbing’ any higher than that.
I’m looking for more cooling effect, not so much more menthol flavor.
If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears! This is the first recipe I’ve had any luck with, so I’m trying to build it up and tweak it.


FA polar blast have some good reviews, @Vape_n_Brew . Flavorah ice was not widely used, but you could use it at low %ages. Some use koolada along with ws 23 for over the top cooling. Use koolada right until it started to taste weird, than top it off with ws 23.


Agree. WS-23 is awesome. Just used black cherry and ws-23 to make cherry cough drop flavor. My buddy says it tastes just like Halls Cherry


And WS-23 (30%) is very cheap and highly concentrated. You only need 1% to make something freezing cold. Way too much for me to handle. The odd occasion that I use it, I’ll add around 0.25%.


Thanks everyone!! Great suggestions, looks like I’ll be looking into some WS-23! ‘Way too cold’ is exactly what I’m after, lmao.


One food for thought. Perfect your recpie before adding enhancers…then start low. It will be very easy to ruin a great mix and accidentally hide a poor mix (which is sometimes the point).


Best post today!! ^^

Listen to him and if you do have access to @Flavorah … I love love their ice (use it at 1-3 bottle drops or .12% and then follow with their cool menthol at the same amount… delish even as a stand alone at this amount…

but work on the rest of the recipe, using solos and find where you like to taste those, before adding in icy cool menthol types. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated.


Haha, all my mixes are beyond the freezing point, people will not recommend this but I love it, I find that one doesnt give enough cold on the inhale and one not enough on the exhale, I use 2% of each (but you really only should use 1) Black Ice (ws23) and Polar blast :slight_smile: freeeeeezzzzzinnng!