Extreme Ice at high watts

Extreme ice was my favorite for a very long time. Until i bought a crown tank last year. Store bought Extreme Ice juice is just way to strong at the 70+ watts the tank needs to get going. So, i decided to make my own. Everyone says the MBV uses 10% so i made it at 5% 70vg. Can barley taste it. Obviously i can keep messing around until i get it where i want it but im just wondering if there is anyone out there that vapes this at high wattage to chime in on their percentage :slight_smile:

Hmmmm grasshopper. Welcome to one of the most popular questions. Designing a flavor for a styles of vaping. Mtl tank, sun ohm, and droppers oh my.

You will find that yes. Cut it in half. Other times it’s just shaving off a percent or two. Sadly, you will have to play with it for a bit. Based on the info you provided I suspect 8% will be the ticket…or 3%. Lol.

Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

I am the Ice Man. I know your pain. Allow me to solve your problem.

I assume you are trying to emulate the experience you loved with Extreme Ice at low wattage that you can no longer experience at high wattage because it “burns”.

These percentages below will not burn below 34 Watts and you will get a beautiful, sweet menthol experience. Lower your PG level, use 4% Distilled Water.

You can add this to any fruit or fruity cream recipe and it will be wonderful.

Replace it with:

.25 % ECX Menthol Solution
.85 % Mild Winter Peppermint
5% Capella Cool Mint




Thanks. Will try 7% next heh :slight_smile:

Did 7.5% 70vg and it’s perfect. got that great icy feeling without turning into an icy burn! heh :slight_smile:

Crème de menthe Peppermint and Koolada make a nice Vape even at high watts with any fruit you wish to add
I vape it at 65w on my Baby Beast and its nice
Just experiment with percentages

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