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Extremely hot climate storage


I’m in a fucken hot part of Australia and just getting into diy what’s the go with flavours in 40+ deg Celsius??

Show Off Your DIY Flavor Storage, Looking For Ideas

Fridge em (not freeze) - where are you mate?


Fridge…talk to @woftam


NT - Nsw trucking round oz atm.


ya if you can put them in a fridge it will make them last a lot longer - especially when u are up nth. Out of the fridge in hot climate the life will be severely shortened and some will just go off/ lose potency.


Yep cheers- whaddabout me mod tank being in the sun in me truck is that ok?


Cos the sun gets into it even tho I got a/c in the cab I wonder if it kills my mix


It probably won’t be in the tank long enough to spoil but leaving it in the sun can cause the juice to leak and is not super awesome for the batteries - they are much less efficient when they are hot the ac will most likely keep it cool enough. But where you are is a different kind of sun as we both know lol - more like surface of the sun than a bit warm lol.


Haha yeah! Thanks for ya help mate🥵


I live inland in the UAE. From late June to mid-September it hits 40-45c every day. I keep all my flavors in a room, in the dark, but that’s it. I have at least 250 flavors and none have gone bad that I know of and some are well over a year old. That being said, some of them I haven’t used in some time so, who knows? But my main flavors I buy 4oz at a time and haven’t had any issues.


ALL favours have a shelf life (which I would imagine varies). Many will still taste the same after a long time many will lose their potency some will just taste bad. Fridging the flavours is not a necessity however it will make them last longer.


Hopefully it’s fine if I go off track a little since it seems the op has had their question answered. Is there a reason freezing flavors would be bad for longer term storage? I just noticed the other day that nicotine river is going to be having a sale on some of their flavors that they won’t be carrying anymore, and a couple of them are ones that I really like. So I had the thought that I could stock up and just stick them in the freezer. But obviously I wouldn’t want to do that if it would ruin them!


Ya freezing a flavour can irreversibly break it. It can cause separation of compounds that will not recombine. Walt from RF was talking about it ages ago and I cannot for the life of me find the posts atm.


I know I saw worm1 post it in another thread earlier, but I’ve read several others since then, and can’t remember what thread that was. /facepalm

So I had to search for it as well… :laughing:


:man_facepalming: i posted the reply to the wrong thread at least it was to the right pep, serves me right for trying to multi task


Cold is wayyyy worse than the heat for most flavors.

Now with that said, there are flavors that need to be refrigerated but you would not use those for vape anyways (I hope lol)


I may have to agree here. I had some store bought juice I refrigerated and after a few weeks tried it, and was shocked how my fav juice all of a sudden was terrible. Don’t have a mass amount of empirical evidence other than the one time… but I do say away from steeping or storing mixes in the fride now. ouch :thinking:


I use a Wine Fridge. It uses waay less electricity (cheaper to operate) and I just keep stuff at 55F (12C) The fridge does need the ambient room temp to be reasonable as it’s a small heat exchanger (not a compressor) and struggles (fails!) to cool when fighting a high room temp (I think over 76F).

@Walt_RealFlavors statement is important to discuss as he makes flavorings and “knows” the RFD (real deal). Me? I just like the somewhat chilled darkness I get in my little Wine cooler (especially for my Nicotine). I was also able to buy my little fridge used …common discard at Moving sales.


I live in California and it gets hot here during the summer, I keep my flavors in a dark room, inside one of these heavy duty tool chests, well more of a cabinet really (no idea what else to call them lol) but our AC is on at all time during summer. Keeping the room around 63 -65F.

I have some flavors that are over 2 years old and still fine, but I do put them into glass bottles after they arrive from the vendors. Smaller ones are still in the plastic bottles they came in, not lpde and even these are fine.

I do agree that some flavors last longer than others and if I didn’t have a AC all my flavors would be in a fridge aswell.

I personally wouldn’t refrigerate finish mixes or store mixes/flavors in the freezer.