F a flavas

Flavourart uk has a special offer on a few of there flavours £5 for 50ml and £10 for 100ml.just a heads up for those who like to use them or for those who’d like to try because thats dirt cheap.


WOW ok that is good

Thats very good,its not the full range as i said its just a few of what id call obscure flavours,but what do i know im still learning.ive just bought there super six deal, 6 × 10ml bottles £17 + £2 delivery.ordered at 10 am had the email saying they were in the post at 11.30am, amazingly quick service.

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yeah I’ve had that deal before it’s good, just checked out the list on the 50ml and 100ml deal not sure I’d want any of them except maybe Oba Oba…

Exactly what i thought,but i may take a punt on a couple at that price just for the fun off it.

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