F alcohol in flavor

I read through the threads and have used quite a few wf sc flavors in quite a few different mixes. My favorite being strawberry wafer. Is anyone else concerned about this or should i be? It is literally my favorite flavor company.


Furfuyl or are you saying Fuck Alcohol ?? Either way i have no concerns of any kind of Alcohol in Flavorings …


Haha… the first one. Yeah, was trying exercise a bit of discretion in asking.


all good…Its a natural by product of food . I know there is a lot of beware info out there . Give me a couple days ill message Frank from WF and ask about dangers and why it used …Which flavors are you concerned with ? FYI WF isnt the only company that has it


The most used flavor would be sugar cone even though i use essentially like acetyl pyrazine in the .5% range maybe 1.5% at the high end…it still contains the highest amount of this ingredient @ 1.4%


Unless it’s a new product Wonder Flavors does not offer a Strawberry Wafer. At least nothing that I can see on their website.


I immediately thought the latter and was disappointed when I read on :laughing:

I don’t worry much about Furtuyl myself since it is usually in such a small amount.


Its a recipe from their site using their flavors i usually add sugar cone to


I’m neutral but …


The primary use of furfuryl alcohol is as a monomer for the synthesis of furan resins.[4][8] These polymers are used in thermoset polymer matrix composites, cements, adhesives, coatings and casting/foundry resins. Polymerization involves an acid-catalyzed polycondensation, usually giving a black cross-linked product.[9] A highly simplified representation is shown below.

Use As Rocket Propellant (Fuel Component)

Furfuryl alcohol has been used in rocketry as a fuel which ignites hypergolically (immediately and energetically in contact) with white fuming nitric acid or red fuming nitric acid oxidizer.[10] The use of hypergolics avoids the need for an igniter. In late 2012, Spectra, a concept liquid rocket engine using white fuming nitric acid as the oxidizer to furfuryl alcohol fuel was static tested by Copenhagen Suborbitals.[11][12]

Because of its low molecular weight, furfuryl alcohol can impregnate the cells of wood, where it can be polymerized and bonded with the wood by heat, radiation, and/or catalysts or additional reactants. The treated wood has improved moisture-dimensional stability, hardness, and decay and insect resistance; catalysts can include zinc chloride, citric, and formic acid, as well as borates.[13][14]


High concentrations of Furfuryl alcohol have shown to cause tumours in mice translating this to humans is problematic since our Respiratory system is very very different to rodents as an aside it is the concentration that makes the poison.

If you look at the concentrations of Furfuryl alcohol in flavours is is very small to begin with and gets further diluted when you mix - It is a similar proposition to DAAP avoid it if you feel the need after making an informed decision. There are plenty of flavours from other flavour houses that contain Furfuryl alcohol in higher concentrations than the WF do.