FA Apricot

Any ideas on how to make FA Apricot pop in flavour. I’ve not gone above 4% and have been using creams and custards. It always hangs in the background and tends to add sweetness rather than Apricot flavour. Any ideas ?


Have you tried a touch of Sour or Lemon Sicily? Those help fruits “pop” I cant speak to Apricot specifically but spices can enhance fruits. Like Cinnamon, Clove? I treat my vapes like I’m cooking. I look online for recipes of “food” I want it to taste like. It doesn’t always work but it’s fun!


Do you have any peach or tangerine/mandarin or maybe even apple (like FA Fuji) (and suddenly I want sangria)? A bit of an undertone of a complimentary fruit might be nice. And maybe a bit less custard/cream and maybe just some straight-up sweetener (whatever kind you prefer, I like FA Marshmallow right now, but I’m pretty dang fickle). I think creamy/custardy flavors do a weird “take over the mix” after a decent steep, which is OK if that’s what you’re going for, but kinda annoying when it’s not. :slight_smile:


I’ve not tried lemon Sicily. I was following some ideas from “Hic’s Notes” and mixed with some rum, brown sugar and coconut. I wanted some cream or custard to go with it. The juice is ok but could be better with a bit more fruit upfront.

I have FA Fuji Apple and peach and tangerine in cap or tpa, need to check my flavour stash. Maybe it’s the custard, I’ll try with FA marshmallow and a different custard in smaller percentages. Here’s the recipe if your interested. http://tjek.nu/r/3nkw

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Thanks. Yeah I don’t have most of those flavors, so I can’t really help, but I did notice one thing (but this has nothing to do with your recipe).

If you ever use the “search by stash” or “what can i make” features of the site, you’ve got the wrong custard entered for matching results. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/1758 is the only FA Custard (AFAIK) so you’ll get more matches with it.

Also, I just flagged those as duplicates, so if you go to edit your stash and it’s already changed, then no worries. :sunglasses:


It can be boosted with a peach flavor and also if you are using it in a dessert recipe Liquid Amber around .5% adds a good compliment.


FA Vanilla custard concentrate is a pre mixed flavour from FA uk. It different to the usual Fa custard. It’s ok, but a little weak in flavour.


Sometimes less is more with FA fruits. If you really just want pear FA. You may need a splash (1-2% cap or a tpa pear). Just to boost, not to take over the mix. Also, since your using 4% try lowing the other flavors.

Fuji FA is my best example and pairs we’ll with fresh cream and Vienna cream FA. If you go high on the creams you get cream’n’fuji. If you do a light touch of the creams Fuji jumps to the front and you have a light pleasant (sometimes it won’t seem like it’s there) cream note in the back.

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Ah thanks, I learned somethin! :slight_smile:

Thanks, This makes sense. I’ll lower the % on the Apricot. Maybe just use the rum at 0.75 and the creams at 2%. Thanks