FA Butterscotch

I have some FA butterscotch that I have been steeping for about 3 weeks now, single flavour in 50/50 vgpg. I have gone from 5% right up to 20% and still taste nothing really. Any ideas on how to get more flavour from it? Or is it one of those flavours that really does nothing on it’s own? I was hoping it would be similar to butterscotch sweets.

Thanks - Andrew

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I don’t always agree with all of HIC’s notes and suggestions, but if you’re having a issue this might help you out.

Also you may want to start your testing at a lower %. Most FA is pretty concentrated… sometimes less is more.

HIC’s Notes:

Stronger, sharper, and sweeter than FA Caramel, like butterscotch ice-cream topping. For bold caramel flavor in a recipe, Butterscotch (perhaps mellowed with a little Fresh Cream) stands out more distinctly than FA Caramel. Where caramel blends in; Butterscotch pops.

When combined with nut flavors or Coconut, Vienna Cream, and optionally Jamaican Rum, some very rich, buttery notes can develop over time.

2% Butterscotch + 1% FA Brandy makes a Buttershots (butterscotch schnapps) type flavor, good as-is or in cocktail-type recipes.

2% FA Butterscotch with 1-1.5% FA Fresh Cream, for creamier, less sweet flavor

2% FA Butterscotch, 1% Fresh Cream, 1% Vienna Cream for sweet, rich, smooth, b’scotch with a little hint of vanilla

1.5% FA Butterscotch, 1% Fresh Cream, 1% Vanilla Tahiti for smooth, mild, vanilla-butterscotch (or V.Bourbon for darker vanilla, a little less sweet)

FA Butterscotch with FA Caramel is like combining the ice cream toppings. I prefer a combination to either one alone.

Any of the above could use a combo instead of plain b’scotch. It creates a slightly ‘darker’ flavor, adds some good complexity, and it’s a little less sweet.

A little bit (1% or less) of Brandy or Rum in any of the above just makes it taste better. Think ‘butter-rum’…yum!

The higher quality your nic, and the more VG in your mix, the smoother Butterscotch will taste.

Read all of HIC’s Notes here:


Thanks - it smells so nice but for me anyway I just can’t taste it.

To be honest for me butterscotch FA is a great addition to a recpie but I have had the same problems with it. Low to no taste from 1-4%. Any higher and the chemical factor takes over and you get no flavor. The longest I went was 6 weeks steeping…and what a waste.

But the above is all me.

Keep in mind it’s a good flavor for your tool box… A touch of butterscotch to a recpie helps the mix get over the hump just like caramel, vanilla, and the like out of the FA brand.

Thanks for the advise. I think I will just keep it as you say for some additional recipe.

If you’re looking for a butterscotch candy type recipe there’s a thread of people who have been chasing the same thing. Something there might help you along in your quest. :wink:

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Thanks Jo - Andrew

Suuuuper late to the party here, but I wanted to share my experience. Butterscotch has been a real challenge for me in vaping. I tried 10 different varieties/brands of butterscotch at all sorts of percentages, and couldn’t taste a single one.

Then one day, on a dare, I mixed FA Butterscotch at .50%. Point Five Percent!!
And it came through bright and flavorful and Delicious!! I was overjoyed.

These days, I used FA butterscotch at anywhere between .25%-.50% in a recipe. And it’s never failed me since.
I hope this helps.


Thanks for the insight.


You are welcome!

FW Butterscotch Natural is a nice Butterscotch for me!
4% Butterscotch Natural FW
1% Butterscotch FA

is a nice Mix