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FA Coconut


Is there a good sub. for FA Coco- Coconut?


Sure. But it depends on the recpie. You will need to share more…recpie and which coconuts you have.


For me, INW Coconut 1:1


Yeah, it’s for ‘Shyndo’s’ Mango sticky rice. I have just about every other coconut [with the exception of INW]. It’s pretty academic now as I’ve just discovered I’m out of Sweet Rice too! Thanks for the response tho. Happy new year to you.


Thanks. Much appreciated.


Of course the “old” Coconut IT IS 1:1, quite a few flavours were supplied to INW by FA.
Don’t know if now, it’s 1:1, (they broke up…) just food for thoughts, not an assumption…


Even though I’m out of ‘Sweet Rice,’ I’d still welcome any thoughts on this.


Flavour Creative Coconut from Chef’s flavours supposed to be rebottle FA Coconut.


Thankyou. Happy new year.


Have you tried any of their flavours? Are they any good? Generally they are quite a bit cheaper than FA.


Happy new year Steve!
From their line with the name Flavour Creative I have only the Coconut and so far so good. They are cheaper because is rebottle, but I do not have FA coconut to compare.


Flavour Creative are definitely Flavour Art


Many thanks. Happy new year.


Thankyou again. You get some really nice people on this site. Much appreciated.


That’s going to save me a lot of cash. Great stuff.


Yeah, I’ve just checked them out, and I think you’re right. They even have ‘Zippola,’ and ‘En-Joy.’ Cant thank you enough for this as I use a lot of FA flavours.


Watch it with Joy… go easy with it, if you can, read around, unfortunately SFT won’t help you much… but it’ll give you a nice “fried” touch…