FA Cookie or FW Yellow Cake

I’m working on a cinnamon toast crunch recipe and need a little help. It’s not there yet, and one thing it can use is a bakery/grain boost. I’m not sure whether to try Cookie or Yellow Cake (if either of them). I already have 0.15 AP in the recipe. The cinnamon/sugar is coming from CAP Sugar Cookie and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl (swirl needs to come down a little). If anyone has some suggestions that would be awesome. Thanks. The recipe is here:

If the recipe looks bad to the point it’s laughable, I’m just starting to learn how flavors interact.

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Have you looked at what other’s have done to achieve that flavor profile?
Here’s a list of some recipes you might get some inspiration from:

After you click on the link above, click on the ‘Ratings’ column to sort
and get the highest rated recipes at the top.


Thanks Alisa. I saw one that is using Biscuit. Do you think that might go better than AP with a cereal vape? From what I understand, Biscuit has some AP in it already.

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It might work well for you, but it does have a ‘buttery’ base to it IMHO.
I think I would do something very different if I were trying to make
this particular recipe. I would try using something like FW’s Capt
Crunch Type in the base of this mix.


Interesting. The closest flavors I have to that are TPA Captain Cereal, which I haven’t used in a long time, and TPA Berry Crunch, which I’m thinking might take it too far off course. That was kind of a pun I just realized.

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Flavorahs cinnatoast crunch is really good it has a very light cinnamon some sugar taste and even develops a milky note after a steep. I suggest this:

Flah cinnamon toast crunch 4.5%
Tfa dairy milk 3%
Fa cream 1%
Fa cookie .5%
Fa meringue .15%
NF brown sugar .15%
This will do it :smiley:


Sounds like a winner. I always have good luck with dairy milk, fa cream, and fa meringue together, so ill give it a shot.

INW biscuit is a good light biscuity taste that could work?
Also I would look to maybe FW Rice Crispies for that taste/ feel you are after?

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Could you sub tfa brown sugar?

Could work its more for added nuance to give it a bottom of the bowl milk effect. I have TPA but prefer Natures Flavors. You can also try TPA frosted donut for added grain at 1%

Wow… so many delicious sounding ideas here. Just ordered some FLV Cinn Toast. I have TPA
Frosted Donut but haven’t really used it. I’ll look into it. Also picked up FLV Vanilla Custard and FLV Crunch Cereal. I have a feeling if any juice is gonna help me pick up chicks it’s gonna be this one.

So I got the FLV cinnamon crunch today and am gonna try your recipe tomorrow. I have TPA brown sugar extra. What % would you recommend using? I’m looking at the flavor list and the NF seems so concentrated I can’t figure out what the TPA equivalent would be. Thanks for your help.

Well now that I looked again I’m gonna say 1%… that sound about right?

I would keep the tfa browm sugar low 1% or less sounds right. Hope it works for you :smiley:

So I made the recipe you suggested yesterday. Just tested it a few minutes ago, and man it has a really good flavor. No joke that FLV Cinnamon Crunch is delicious. Only problem is the overall flavor is a little weak for my taste. If I were to bump up the toast, what would you recommend? Is 0.5% going to make that much of a difference or should I just go for 1% to 2.5%?

I should add what I’m going for is a fairly intense, in your face overall flavor.

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