FA Cream Whipped

Hey people! I ordered some FA Cream Whipped from Chefs Falvours across the pond for some specific recipes. Have done a bit of research on this flavor but am wondering can I substitute other whipped creams such as tfa with the fa one? Or are they totally different? Wasn’t sure of % differences. What are some of your favorite recipes use it?


I am a huge fan of FA cream whipped , im not a huge fan of subbing flavors … I also wouldnt use TPA whipped cream as a substitute for the FA , imo the FA has a light custard / ice cream type feel , a heavy whipped cream opposed to a light and airy , i guess I would say its like cool whip in the plastic tub opposed to the whipping cream you spray out … Anyway im all over the place with trying to explain …also keep in mind there is a high presence of DA in cream whipped FA so younwill get the yummy buttery type note…

Note : I have not used TPA whipped cream in a while , so my comparison is from 2 yrs ago with no notes in front of me lol


Thanks. I was talking more of if I had a recipe that called for tfa whipped cream would fa cream whipped work in it. It sounds like it won’t. Will need to do more research.


Ahhh ha … It may make it better lol … Do you have FA cream fresh ??? That may work better than the cream whipped…Also link the recipe and someone will at least give you their opinion and may have tried the recipe


Yup. I have it and it is one of my favorites.


I think the fa cream fresh may be a better sub for the TPA …maybe at half the percent of TPA


Fa fresh cream is not a sub for tpa whipped cream. Tpa whipped cream is also not a actual whipped cream. In recipes it acts like tpa Dragon fruit would, emulsifies the whole mix and takes off/rounds out harder edges/knocks the higher layers down.

Fa whipped cream as we explained prior does not have a 1:1 sub, if you need/want a top heavy and buttery whipped cream from other manufacturers, you could use (cap) vanilla whipped cream. Again they are not equal, but in some circumstances a better option rather than tpa or fa fresh cream. Just my opinion tho :wink:

Editing this because, (inw) vanilla cream would actually be another good sub, if you need a liquid heavy cream that is not whipped yet. But you will add in both circumstances vanilla, which sometimes could become a issue.

JF Bavarian cream is also a true and authentic European heavy cream (double cream) but it does have a slight chocolate note, well more of a cocoa hint, but this can be masked.

A lighter version of a whipped cream (for toppings aka fully whipped) if CAP is too “buttery” would be (FW) whipped cream.

The question at the end of the day is still the application. There’s no general sub for any flavor, some work and some dont. Other options might become available as well, depending on recipe and so on. But it’s definitely good options I would think.


Thanks. I am just thinking on how to use fa cream whipped in a recipe. I dont have any recipies I would use it instead of tpa whipped cream. Notes on it are limited so thought I would reach out.


What’s wrong with TPA Whipped Cream? I use it often and it works pretty well.


Nothing. I just have a good amount of fa cream whipped to use. :grin:


@eStorm TYVM for your flavor notes! Copied and saved for sure. :partying_face:

(tpa whipped cream) eStorm is right it will blend the recipe and flavors - if you need that, along with add a little fluffy feeling and nice sweetness. Good to use instead of dragonfruit tpa if your wanting the added fluffy and sweetness elements and blend everything.

Never had the honor to try fa cream whipped. You may have to share your impressions when you test it.


Just my opinion, but Flavor West (whipped cream) is far better than most straight out of the bottle. I personally am not a fan of TFA or esp any CAP, at all… the alcohol takes way too long to steep out & some have a tested with a few more Diketones than I’d be willing to chance it on…

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Not sure why you think it is the alcohol since FW contains far more than both CAP and TFA. I would suggest that it may be that FW is a vanilla extract while both CAP and TFA use Vanillin.





Thanks for the info… but it beats me, but CAP always tastes like rubbing alcohol to me actually for quite a while (for multiple bottles) & FW never seems to (for me), unless it maybe evaporates faster for some reason? …just my taste buds
For whatever reason, I never get weird or after tastes with FW - (though I’m not a fan of some of their testing results for many). My last TFA order of the same flavor/ multi bottles, all smelled & tasted like dirty gym socks. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I never wanted to take the chance again since I’ve had better results for many others. Lately I’ve found Real Flavors & hoping to have steady success there

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Unfortunately, Real Flavors closed the doors last week so they will not be around with vendors for long.

Is most likely Butyric Acid (DAAP replacement) it smells like vomit


Doesn’t that figure… every time it took me an eternity to finally find something I like (across the board)… Arghhh!

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Ya is very frustrating and sad but you could always have a shot with some FLV, Molinberry, Wonder Flavours, Purilum, FlavourArt, Inw - lots of notes laying around on the forum for many different flavour houses.

If DAAP is a concern than you will find non daap offered from FA Nth America or any of the EU producers (in their vape range)

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This is what some people want …

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