FA Fuji Fading Fast

I’ve to a Fuji based recipe that within 10 days or so it fades so the other flavors are prominent. I’m using FA Marshmallow in it along with INW Strawberry Shisha and TFA Ripe Strawberry. There’s probably not much I can do I realize. Maybe adding just a tad more Fuji might help? idk…

Does Fuji have EM in it, or is that just the way it behaves?

Strawberry (Ripe) has maltol in it, which behaves a bit like EM - perhaps the Inawera one has some as well? Maybe you do need to take steeping into account and up the Fuji a bit for that recipe?

That’s what I’m kinda thinking too. So, Fuji is at 2%. Do you think adding something like 0.2% might help it last longer, while not affecting the initial flavor too much?

I haven’t had good luck with Fuji in general but I only like apple in bakery recipes (so take that into consideration in my criticism). It’s somewhat artificial tasting to me. I don’t notice fade…what I notice is that it changes oddly to some kind of weird a candy apple with a bite flavor over ten days so. I have had to correct the recipe later with a custard, sweetener or a spice but my daughter loves it!

I am currently making an apple pie recipe, what apples do you find go well in a mix of that sort?

Was reaching for the Fuji right as I found this post.

I’ve settled on Fuji and Green Apple at very low percentages.

Both FlavourArt?

And how low?

I use generally 1-3% with Fuji.

That’s about right on percentage. The Green Apple is TPA

FA Pie Crust is a good addition to apple pie imo. It’s a little granier than the TPA version. A little FA Liquid Amber (0.2% or less) gives the apple kind of a baked taste.

Edit - Not FA Pie Crust, but FA Apple Pie is what I meant.

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