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FA Joy question

So, I have a bottle of FA Joy that I have had for quite some time. I know I a SFT when I got it but have lost my notes on it.

Reading the database gives quite a few conflicting thoughts on this flavour/additive and what it is good for. Also, the notes say it requires a really long steep no matter what it is used in.

I was thinking of using it with either some CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl or CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut but am unsure whether it would compliment either of these, how much I should try, what else may be appropriate with them, and also how long it would need to steep.

Any thoughts or other ideas for usage based on my stash would be appreciated so I don’t waste too much time and effort.


It tastes like straight up yeast, I’ve tried it before and found no real use for it because it gave donuts and breads too much of a raw taste for me and it’s potent. As far as using it with Cap CDS I wouldn’t bother, Cinnamon Danish Swirl is one of those flavours that has such a stand out taste that you can single it in a mix regardless of additives, it shines on it’s own in my opinion… And as for glazed donut you can achieve better by used WF Glazed or even Zeppola with a nice chocolate, like a super low percentage of FLV Milk Chocolate or Chocolate Deutsch… Been doing this for awhile, often opinions clash, but that’s the way I’d do it.


Thanks mate, yes often opinions and tastes clash but I will tale yours on-board.

CDS is ok for me, but it’s a bit harsh for my palette by itself so I chuck some cream in it to help mellow it.

The CGD I don’t mind as is, don’t any of those flavours you suggested but have a few others I was going to try with it.

Might just have to do another SFT on the Joy and see how it tastes for me. Just can’t recall if I liked it or not when I did it the first time.

Cheers mate. :smiley:


It comes down to you, as it does with all flavors. If you have any sensitivity to yeast it’ll probably overwhelm the mix and make you gag. A lot of people obviously don’t mind it and it works to add a bit more to the base.


I use it with this every day (in an ADV mix).
Works beautifully!

There’s more to the recipe, but in relation to these two flavors, this will give you an idea of my ratio:

4% Cap CDS
0.2% FA Joy

Pretty much any bakery…


What about with fruits?


Haven’t tried it…

I can’t picture it, unless the fruits are in a bakery recipe. That’s just me though. chuckles

Just fruit and Joy? I’ll wait for you to be the Guinea… :laughing: :wink:


I’ve never used it that way but I could see potential in using it in a cider or perry recipe.


Could this be used at low percentages for the yeast in a kind of wheat beer?

Like with FLV Yakima Hops?

Just got my mind spinning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Based on what others have said, then maybe. The notes on the database are, as I said, conflicting… Some people get a beer like profile, some a bready type and others a cake. Apparently at sub 0.5% some also get a bakery type sugar taste.

The flavour description is supposed to be a funnel cake profile which to my understanding has a fried element, a cakey element and an almost (but not quite) doughnut element, all topped with a powdered sugar element.

Some like it in small (under 3% SF) amounts, some detest it in any amount.


Cereals, bakery doghnuts, churros, things like that, used from .35 to .75, a fried yeast?
I see it as an additive to enrich the above, quite agree with Rob @Sprkslfly and use it the same way as he does, here’s one with CDS and cereals.


Some of my old notes:
" If you have a fruit vape, it’s often times easier to bring out the all ready basic sweetness of the fruit by using a sweetener. I often times will add another sweet flavor to a mix. Some custards and Vanillas have been known to brighten other flavors. Marshmallow, Molasses,Toffee, Meringue, Joy can be used.
Other Sweetener Options – TFA Marshmallow- adds moistness and sweetens. TFA Molasses adds sweetness + a trace spice. TFA Brown Sugar Extra – adds sweetness. Some custards and Vanillas have also been used (Also known to brighten other flavors).Marshmallow, Molasses,Toffee,Meringue,Joy"


I like Joy in bakery recipes especially fried donut recipes…Its is a good flavor that initially put me off bc I smelled it first and it smelled lile stale day old beer , I thought there would be no way that it could be used as it is intended . I was wrong , if you have Cap Funnel Cake or OOO powdered Sugar it really work well to complete those flavors


Thanks @fidalgo_vapes, I will give it a test next mixing session. :+1:t2: