FA Lemon Zest

I’m looking for FA Lemon Zest. Does anyone know where I can find it. I would like to mix this recipe up but I’m missing that one flavor. It’s not avail on Flavor art’s website.


FA list it as one of their ‘blended flavourings’, so you’ll find Lemon Zest (Tangy) there:


Thank you didn’t know that was a blended flavor. I emailed FA and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I had it in my Chefs cart when they shut down. Now to find a sub for FE Lemon. I always get a black licorice note when I use FE Lemon. I’ll probably use FW Lemon Meringue in place of FE.


FE lemon and SC lemon are the same.


Yes I know I bought a 30 ml bottle from BC because everyone raved about it being the best. Though every time I use it the first day or two and it’s fine, once it steeps I get an awful black licorice note that ruins the mix. And I love black licorice and black jelly beans and even anise candy just not in a lemon butter cookie eliquid. :face_vomiting: I gave away the 30ml I had.


Have you tried Lemon Sicily (FA)?


Im with seven on this that Lemon Sicily fa is great. No off notes no harshness its smooth as can be and i bet it would work


I’ve used FA Lemon Sicily in the past and ran out. It’s a good suggestion, FW Lemon Meringue pie is my favorite lemon but it does have a graham note to it. I remember that FA Lemon Sicily was really good though it did fade slightly after a few weeks. Hopefully this mix won’t last that long. I’ll have to grab of a bottle of Lemon Sicily from FA along with the FA Lemon Zest.


The lemon Sicily isn’t too sour, but it’s bright. I like to combine it with Key Lime. I made a lemon soda recipe that I really liked. Although I think the lemon does fade with maceration.
C9 Tube Grass Soda: Check cookies

2.00% Cooling Agent (WS-23)
5.00% Cream Soda (TPA)
3.00% Key Lime (TPA)
1.00% Lemon Grass (Flavorah)
3.00% Lemon Sicily (Limone Sicilia) (FA)
0.50% Super Sweet (CAP)

Total flavor: 14.5%
Remember to rate it at: Check cookies


I believe I can go lower with Key Lime to remove a harshness that I noticed in the exhalation, but I found a good e-liquid.
I am open to opinions and criticism.

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