FA% TFA% Melon?

Hello everybody! this is my first post.

I recently decided to join everybody here with the whole diy process.

On my first venture, I decided to pick up an assortment of flavors
and didn’t necessarily go with strictly following a recipe (my fault)

A few flavors that I picked up, which I’ve tried a couple of attempts
of mixing were FA Cantaloupe, FA Watermelon, and TFA Honeydew

At first I had my FA percentages too high, but I recently tried:

  • FA Cantaloupe: 1%
  • FA Watermelon: 1%
  • TFA Honeydew: 4%
  • 70/30% (15mL)
  • 0% nic (at the moment)

The rind taste, even somewhat floral, is very, very, prevalent, of course. It’s only been a day since I’ve made it, and I know that it should steep quite a bit longer. I’ve been looking through the forum a bit, on how to get more of a mouth-watering juicy melon type of sensation.

Would ethyl maltol bring this out to really shine? Are my flavors too one dimensional?
Do I need more than one of each melon flavor?

I’m basically looking to create a tre-melon that is similar to the one juicemafia has.

Thank you so much for your time.


What are you mixing them with.

For FA fruit i like 2% fresh cream, 2% marshmallow FA , and pick your FA fruit from there. 0.5-2%

I also drop cream down to 1.5

Yes your fruit may be a bit one dimionsonal. Like adding watermelon from two brands help

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Chrispdx. Thank you for replying.

I have some fresh cream, I was actually thinking of getting some marshmallow from bullcityvapor, i’ve read that it adds that little bit of extra body/sweetness to the mix without going for the sucralose. So the cream would pretty much round it out right?

I have a shopping cart somewhat put together, but a lot of the flavors in it are following a desert recipe.

I really want to get a fruit-based mix established for the summer but i’m just not getting it so far with these melon flavors that I have picked out.

Another question, do you think that it may be preferred to double up on a watermelon rather than the cantaloupe since it is more of a sharper flavor, & watermelon tends to be on the softer side on the pallet?

I appreciate the advice!

One of the first mixes I tried was using Honeydew, and found that it had a very strong flavor that was hard to vape, I found it was best to use it sparingly and up the percentage from there. Also I have seen a lot of users mention using Cactus (Inawera) to make a ejuice more “watery/juicy” and while I do have that flavoring and have intended to use it… I just haven’t as of yet, so that advice isn’t from first hand usage but I would suggest starting at about .5%

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I used to do a melon ball juice that benefitted tremendously from a tiny bit of TFA Sour. I would add 1/4 of 1 percent and then steep for at least 7 days. You might also consider using Capella Sweet Watermelon, it sees to bring out the best in the FA Cantaloupe while adding a fresher more realistic melon flavor. IMHO DO NOT USE Capella Double Watermelon it has a candy like taste. You could also add a tiny bit of honey here again 1/4 of 1 percent TFA honey is insanely intense. for my uses I have made a 50/50 diluted version of it with VG. and still use the same amount. IF you use the honey you’ll want to steep it for at least two weeks longer is even better when it comes to honey flavor

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I love me some cactus INW For cactus I do start with 3-5 drops per 15ml. Sometimes more than that it becomes cactus first then fruit.

If fresh cream is all you got at the moment just try 1% fresh cream FA and fruit FA by choice (research the percent). The cream creates the dance floor for the fruits to play with each other.

Otherwise you get that harshness which means you may add em(which can mute flavors over time) or other addiditives like mts FA.

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Hi Welcome !!! I love watermelons juices too ! Your percentages look kinda low on the FA watermelon it is a real tasting one and not a candy type. I would consider bumping it up to around 3-4% in a mix, keep the cantaloupe FA like you have it at 1% it’s a strong flavor that takes over quickly. As far as the Honeydew TFA that’s a powerful flavor and is up to you if you’d like to keep it at the highest % in the batch. I tend to use it around 3%.

Ethyl maltol would make it sweeter but if you don’t vape it fast enough it will fade your flavors with in a few weeks. Try to only use it sparingly and only if your making a small batch for the fading issues.

Try Marshmallow for mouthfeel and sweeteners around 1%.

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Best flavor enhancing sweetener I have used! Makes fruit flavors pop!



Thank you so much TUT! I’ve come to realize that it’s a pretty heavy flavor. It shined through at 2% when I had my FA%'s up to about 4% each! I realized later that FA’s percentages shouldn’t be too high. thankfully Amy2 clarified in how some %'s vary in a way.

I’ll definitely have to check that out! thanks brother! I see in the comments section that people say the same about it, that it really brings the “melon” flavor to pop.

Appreciate it! :grinning:


Holy Melon Ball? I think I’ve seen it!

Thank you for your knowledge on your %'s on this! I have some TFA sour on the way soon

Thanks very much brother!! I’ll be adding some of capella’s sweet watermelon to the cart and i’ll try that out with FA’s watermelon & cantaloupe and vary it up a bit.

I’ll have to keep that in mind to use! did you dilute it at a 1:1 ratio with your VG?



Earlier today, I tried a mix of

  • FA Strawberry 3%
  • TFA Ripe Strawberry: 4%
  • FA Fresh cream: 2%

It’s a simple mix but I am actually really happy with
it. many thanks to you guys for giving me a little bit
of faith to keep trying.

I’m thinking of lowering the cream down to 1%
and maybe raising each of the strawberries up by 1%

the fresh cream does change completely within
that 1%~ range… I need to take notes on more
flavors, but so far I do have them for the cream.

Haha. I like that.


Thank you Amy! :smile: Thank you for the warm welcome!

I will do that tonight and see how it goes! :smiley:
I had my watermelon up to that percentage at first
along with the cantaloupe at the same percentage.
& that’s where it all went wrong!

I was actually trying to go for a “balanced” mix, but now come
to think about it, something has to be on top, right??

At that moment, I actually tried to stick with the general rule
of thumb of 1%~ for FA and 5%~ for TFA but I know
now that it really doesn’t apply to every flavor within each

Thank you! :smile:

This really means a lot to me. thank you so much!

which marshmallow do you think that you would recommend getting? FA, CAP or TFA?

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Thanks brother! I’ll have to check into it!


Get all 3 eventually you’ll start to see they’re all a little different.

Caps marshmallow - phenomenal in bakeries

TFA’s marshmallow - is the " standard sweetener " but works across the board

FA- pretty good in bakeries & fruits as a sweetener it is a milder one at 1% which I do use this one very often it’s great and probably has been my most widely used marshmallow.

*** Yes ALL flavors are Not created equally ! ***

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I will definitively have to try them each out!
I think I will go for FA’s right now and see how
it is :smile: thank you. I went well over the 75$/
mark at bullcity. did you ever get 4oz flavors
when you began? I did for the fresh cream,
but i don’t know that if i can get through it all before
it expires. lol

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I’m sure you’ll have more than enough uses for fresh cream ! Besides I have had a majority of my flavors over 2 years now and never had a problem. I keep them out of heat/cold/sunlight tucked away and they are just peachy :wink: don’t be fouled these are flavorings that are meant to last but they want you to buy more every year !

I buy some flavors in 4 oz bottles but not as many as you’d think. I like to keep my stock flipping over but I will say I have used many of my older ones and they’e just fine.

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Haha ! :smile: I’ll have to now!

That’s really great to know. It made me ponder about even getting myself into buying more
at that size! :yum:

flippin stock all day :smile:

Thank you for all of your help. :blush: I wish that we were able to add friends on here.

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we have a facebook page.

what’s the name of it??

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I don’t go on as much as I should I’m on here more !

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