FA Tobacco Flavors [Juul]

Hello, wanted to see if anyone has had success with Flavorart flavorings for creating a nice Virginia Tobacco Flavoring.
I got my hands on their Viriginia and 7 leaves, wanted to see if any other flavorings recommendations?

Thank you


FA Shade has always been a good complimentary flavor, to add to other tobaccos (for my taste buds)


No help regarding Virginia Tobacco, however personally not thought much of the majority of FA tobacco flavours I have tried. I would highly recommend Flavorah tobaccos though, by far the closest to actual NET tobaccos that I used to make.

I do really like FA Soho and FA Glory and Maxx Blend and Tuscan Reserve were interesting. Quite a few I actually hated though I wont mention.

If you are in the UK bestcigeliquid.co.uk have a fantastic range of net tobaccos (just looked on there and loads more sinc eI last bought from them). A lot of the profile taste really similar though virginias, rolling tobaccos, pipes etc are all similar to each other. There virginias were good, didnt tink much of the RY4 ones and the coffee tobaccos seemed to be FA coffee to my tastebuds which isnt good. “Old Captain” tobacco though is the best tobacco vape I have ever had, absolutely sublime, though a bit of a coil killer…Anybody that likes Inawera AM4a would just have to buy this. It is along those lines but 100x better and I really like AM4a