FA Torrone Burnt taste?

Mixed some Flavourart Torrone samples up 1-3% and they all have a disconcerting burnt taste. I have actually rewicked my coils twice now, as it has an almost burnt cotton taste to it. I get the taste of honey and citrus with a slight nutty taste in the background. But the burnt wick type taste is throwing me, could it be the nuts, maybe a burnt nut note to it?

I have come to the conclusion it is something in the flavour doing this as the wicks work fine on other flavours.

Anybody else experienced this or just my tastebuds playing up?

I’m not sure what you are mixing it with, but this flavor is insanely potent and in my opinion shouldn’t be used over 1% (or you get that nasty flavor from it). Torrone is at it’s best between .2-.6% and even then it can be over powering.


I mixed them as standalone @ 1%, 2% and 3% to try and get a gauge of the flavour, as it was new to me and I do testers for all new flavours I get. Will mix another @ 0.5% to see how it turns out.

I don’t think the finished flavour was overpowering @ 1 or 2% as a standalone ( I think the Inawera Nougat @ 1% is stronger in finished flavour)
it is just that funky cotton wick burnt taste for want of a better description spoilt it for me.