Facebook censorship citing "Unsafe to the Community"

Sorry, last one guys …

I’m not on Facebook, and seldom YouTube, and I can’t speak to or for Diamond and Silk, but they are indeed a pair of aces. I think Meghan made them mad. Watch at your own risk and peril. Did crack me up.


Only in North Carolina !! Hey we Love our People !!! You go grls!!! outa sight and outa mind!!! I still don’t know what Megan did, but when I saw these gails from N.C. , hey they can’t be that bad !!!

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It’s fascism … Pure and simple. Glad I deleted my Facebook account.


WTH was that? I’m not American (hail from AU) but this was Pure Gold! Wish we had characters like this here Down Under. Got me my humour fix for the night. Thanks for the share @SessionDrummer :rofl:

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