Facebook Discussion page for e-Liquid Recipes members

For anyone interested there is now a closed discussion page on Facebook for ELR members. Anyone is welcome. The Facebook page is in no way intended to be in competition with or take away from ELR forum. It is only intended for members to meet each other and see what these great people are up to. If this is not for you. …no problem but if it is. …bring 100mill of friendliness and join in.

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Got a link?

This is embarrassing but I don’t know how to do a link. But on Facebook just search e-Liquid Recipes Discussion and that it. Hurry and we can discuss something. …it’s just me right now. …lol

Go to the front page of your group, select the address bar, CTRL+C then CTRL+V here :smile: I just searched for it, but didn’t find it…

It’s there now. …i had the wrong thing checked. …I don’t know how to run a page yet. Anyone who would like to join in and be an administrator. … I hope if it works out it can be for ELR members by ELR members. .

Yeah I just got onto my wife’s Facebook and it’s there for anyone to see now. I had it checked wrong so it was hidden. But it’s there … e-Liquid Recipes Discussion

I can’t control c or v all I have is a small tablet.

I just tried finding the page…nothing came up in the search

I’m not finding it either … just this one, which has been there a while

Wow that one has gone downhill, huh? Lots of spam, that I could see, just scrolling a page or two :confused:

Okay sorry for the post. There has been a little change of plans. I’m going to be waiting to do a e-Liquid Recipes Discussion page for just a little bit. @daath is on vacation. I had said earlier that I wouldn’t do this without him giving a ok to use the ELR name. I had he’s been told he wouldnnt mind. He didnt say that. I jumped the gun.going to think that over and if he okays it then I’ll start it up. The whole thing is about ELR members to share a Facebook page, the way I see it. …no @daath no ELR. SO to do it right it will have to be a little while. Damn I messed that up. But you can get the idea… no page for now.

Im sorry for the mix up @daath. I had mentioned this earlearlier today and got a response from someone that said you would be OK with the idea. I took the group down. Think about the idea and let me know if you think it would be OK to start. If I did I’d like to keep it on right path. Maybe you could over see the project. Anyway thanks