Failed Coil Builds

So I got this Daedalus Pro coil jig 2 months ago. I’ve gotten pretty good at churning out multi-core fused Claptons. Recently I took a stab at staggered Claptons, which seems to me like a logical progression for coil building. It’s not going well but I shall persevere and keep at it. In the meantime I’m accumulating lots of fucked up wire from my efforts.

But my question to other coil builders is…has anyone found a use for all the scrap wire leftovers. I hate to just toss it but what options, if any, are there?


I used some 24g to loop around a carb float valve. But that was in a real pinch. When I lose a wind job I just toss the scraps as a lesson and a reminder that I can be an utter failure at times.


I keep small amount of scrap wire to test coil I.D. Compatibility in rda’s and mounting positions, i.e. if I want to see if a 4mm id coil will fit in an rda I use some scrap wire so if it doesn’t work I didn’t waste good wire, or if I want to try a vertical build in an rda I will do a few test runs with scrap wire, I suck at doing vertical builds for some reason though


Make wire sculptures.


Great idea! Haha


Do you need that daedalus when you have a beadalon? Seem like you’d have less waste if you’d just let that daedalus collect some dust :smiley:

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You could unwind the thinner wire say 32g and under straightening it with your fingers and a good pull with your pliers loop it over and do some braids some of the thicker wire you could use as cores for your braids like fish tails

You will have to be careful tho as the wire is abit more delicate and will brake if you tighten to hard also if there is any kinks it definitely brake there see how you go.


Out of all the Youtube vids and homemade jigs I tried the Daedalus has been easiest for me. The spool tamer is just there for insurance because I’ve had one too many spools end up in a pile of spaghetti on my floor.


Or you can make wire strippers.


Your coil keeper might be causing you grief. I just bought the Daedalus 2 but haven’t used it yet. I took some of those detachable wall hooks and stuck to the sides of the original one and used it to make some staggered fused claptons. Trick is to go very slow on the fusing. Also, after you’ve wrapped your staggered claptons, spin them backwards several times to slightly loosen the wraps. This was my first attempt.



Yeah, I’m beginning to suspect the tamer also. Doing another attempt today.
When you say spin the staggers backwards are you talking all the way to the beginning? How is the slack managed?

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Nice. Wish I was that creative!

Just a few spins… kind of like when you counter spin a regular fused clapton to get the “twists” out. The wrapping wire is usually really tight on the core wire. If the two spaced claptons get out of synch/alignment with each other then sometimes your fusing wire will overlap, skip or even start running backwards if the spaced clapton wrap wire doesn’t have any give. Loosening it lets it give a little. I’m by no means an expert coil maker though. Just mentioning things that have helped me.


Ah ok. Yeah, that’s exactly what happens. The wrap wire starts to back up on itself and the Daedalus goes in reverse. Every freaking time. I was at wits end trying to figure out what I did wrong!
I’ll try your method as soon as more wire is delivered haha…blew through a 100ft spool in no time! Ordered 500ft this time.

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Love the way that coil looks !! I can’t imagine just how in the world you were able to do that, tho. I’m just starting to make just some simple homemade Claptons, with my drill. Got finally all of the swivel stuff and some different gauges of wire, so tomorrow I will attempt to make some strands, wish me luck, I’ll probaly need it.


Super easy mate easier than a fused clapton thats for sure when you start to get to 7 and 9 loops things get a bit tricky.
This is a 9 loop i used wasted wire to make