Fair warning. Do not buy bottles from this Amazon seller at the present time

Don’t buy bottles from Bubble Star on Amazon. Here’s a letter I just sent the seller -

Dear seller. I have a hard time believing you don’t already know this, but just in the unlikely event that you do not, the needle tips on these bottles are complete garbage. I just received the order. The count is correct, the description you provided is also accurate. However, the needle tips slide out VERY easily. There is nothing for them to grip to when inserted into the bottle. In fact, they are tapered, making them much less likely to stay in when squeezing them.

I’m not going to ask for a refund. I will find a use for them. And I’m not going to give YOU a bad rating. However, I am in a community of people who work in the e-liquid market. I can tell by the box you chose to put these in you’re very familiar with the industry and the purpose I had for these bottles. I am a member of the E-Liquid-Recipes forum and I will send out a warning message to everyone there advising them NOT to buy your bottles. If in the event you get some quality bottles in and stop selling this junk, feel free to email me and I will make an announcement to the group about it.

Attached is a photo in the event you are unaware of this defect. Please stop selling these bottles/tips. This is a very bad product.

As I said, I have a hard time believing anyone wouldn’t already know this. But, I’ll also say that maybe they don’t know and needed this info. Either way, if the seller takes me up on the offer to advise when they have better bottles, I will make an announcement to this thread.

Here’s a photo of the defective needle tips -


Thanks for the heads-up!!

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Wow there is no way for that to stay in. Thx i won’t be going there for now anyway.

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I’m going to dig through my tool box tomorrow and see if there’s something I can find where I can flange these just a tad. Maybe a combination of a tool and hair dryer may make them usable. Any ideas?

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You may be able to heat the end up and open that taper up a little. Other then that i don’t know bro

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Could you heat it up and push it down on a thimble or something along that line?

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I just found a fix. Place it over the chuck end of a 5/16 drill bit. Heat with a hair dryer. Seems to fix it…sorta.


Thanks for the heads up brother…I will be needing plastic bottles with those tips soon…ill avoid this joker though…
Theres a guy in the share your label thread that recently shared an Amazon seller with those type bottles/tips, maybe those would be better?

I buy mine from a seller on eBay. Really good quality and not a single problem. I have bought 400 bottles from them. They come from China, but shipping is quick.


I’ve got some in transit. Wonder if it’s the same seller (different account) because yours is angle park, mine is amazing park. Check it out.

I get something very similar, for anyone based in the UK, last order arrived with me in in 72 hours but can take up to 30 days from past experience. They may have set up drop shipping?

Dropper Bottle Squeezable LDPE Childproof Cap Tip Liquid Ejuice Empty Wholesale

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It’s hard to say. Looking at their other items they sell different stuff than angel_park does. I look at feedback for similar items and go off of that. The seller you bought from has good feedback, but it is marked private. I tend to stay away from those kinds of sellers. But the 99% positive feedback should mean they sell good stuff.

Check out


Great LDPE bottles

www.naturallythinking.com for Amber, Cobalt and Green glass dripper bottles.



Got mine from ebay
and all have been great Perfect for the job

I bet those are from the same source, just a different sales person there. Look at the name on the picture. Who knows. China is a pretty big place I hear :wink:

The one’s in my link are a dollar cheaper for $50 pcs of 50ml though. And 5 bucks + cheaper for 100 pcs.

Personally I’m only interested in the PET bottles. I feel they are superior. I have some vendor juice in both PET and LDPE bottles that are around the same age. Of course the recipes are different but the color in the PET bottles is always lighter and juice clearer among those bottles.

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Idk what that is haha but I might agree.
The bottles I like for plastic can withstand the cleaning process. Believe these ‘clear’ bottles melt w hot water. That makes me hesitant to use them w all the cases of plastic leaching, and knowing some of these flavors contain alcohol :unamused: I like glass personally, leave the plastic for the unicorns.
Good to have SOME plastic for rough roads, even then having the glass safely tucked.

Anyone have the hook up for square colored bottles? Dark colors… Stay standing much better than rounds probably easier to store.

I know there are cheaper ones out there but for me and my personal use I have found these to be the best. I can mix right in the bottle on my scale with no trouble and have had no issues at all with them.
30ml Unicorn bottles at ECX

I tried the wide mouth ones from lighting Vapes. I had trouble with the needle tip popping out when I would squeeze the bottle while filling my tank.

30ml wide mouth Lighting Vapes.

Personally I like the LDPE Unicorn bottles over the PET bottles but that is just me.

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I do too and if I get this business off the ground it will be exclusively glass. But PET seems to be less reactive by far compared to LDPE. Still glass is superior. I just received enough to get me to the weekend anyway.


LDPE allows a lot more oxygen to pass through than PET does is why. I bought my HDPE bottles for people that want me to make them juice. I use PET for my own personal use, and glass for juices I plan to steep or keep for a very long time.