Fairly new to mixing, need help (cloning) with my 2 fave

Hey guys,
I’d like to start by saying I feel honored to be a part of such a large group of like-minded individuals. So where I’m at is, I have two favorites that I vape everyday. I have the basics to create a baseline for the flavors but they’re missing that certain touch. I just need some feedback or some input as to what I’m missing on these clone recipes. I’m absolutely certain somebody has cloned these and I just can’t seem to stumble across the recipe. The two I’m trying to clone are Sugar L1ps 'trop1cal smile 'blue puck3rs, by the legend T.B. … Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Welcome you will find a lot of people willing to help , if you can link the 2 juice descriptions here it will be easier to guide you , also link what you have tried . Hope someone can give you a hand …


Discription of the juices

Blue Pucker by Sugar Lips E-Liquid delivers a special recipe of exhilarating blueberry razz slushy with a note of sour for a mouthwatering blend unlike any other.

Tropical Smile by Sugar Lips is a mesmerizing tropical blend of the perfect golden pineapples with an incredibly balance of sweet and sour blend.


Thank you! I was just trying to search down the descriptions.


Starting points for Blue Pucker

Either one of those with a lot of this

I say a lot because one review said it was hard on the coils. Start out at 1.5%

Tropical Smile

And anything I make tropical will usually have the very versatile

For sour notes I like

At .5% or less

Hope that helps


Man I appreciate it! This will keep me busy for a while… I did see the recipe for the pineapple v3 and it was lacking that light cream or marshmallow undertone that the tropical smile has. It’s a very very faint note of cream or such that I can’t seem to put my finger on. But with this information I should be able to track it down.