Fall & Winter Recipes 2018! (WIP & Favorites)

It’s there. I don’t know if it’s being supported by other agents, but that note is probably what my wife felt was the ‘coffee’ hint. I like it but it’s just a teenie little sample so I can’t do much else with it.


Probably so… I like mixing with MF Extracts and most of them are pretty ultra also. Some have a weird steep pattern where they tend to fade after a week or so and comeback smoother and stronger after about 3-4 weeks. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I’ve witness this weird steep pattern that some MFs go through. So considering that I just leave them alone for a month… whether it’s needed or not.

As for ejuice longevity… I really like old juice, especially those with mf in them. If they make it to 4 months then they really become golden. Here’s one that’s beyond a year old and it’s still great… much better than early on…


I have heard that on mf flavors… in fact was friends with Joshua when he ran Open Source Vaping… He had a fantastic idea… however https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/4pd1kv/open_source_vapor_closing/

I have messed around with mf to an extent, it just never stuck with me.


Looks very nice bud! :thumbsup:


Mixing this up soon. Hoping it turns out as good as it sounds!



The v1 of this mix is too mild for my taste. You would think that this mix would be flavorful with the number of flavors used, but I’m having a very hard time detecting the profile I’m shooting for. I need to step up the prime flavors in this mix because it’s really lacking that “OH WOW” punch I was hoping for. Less is less for this mix so far.

Here’s the v2 tweaks…

Yam & Apple Gingerbread Cake v2

Ingredient %
Butter (FA) *Bumped Up to* 0.50
Cantaloupe (MF) *Added for Yam Support* 0.60
Frosting (Flavorah) *Bumped Up to* 0.35
Gingerbread (CAP) *Bumped Up to* 2.20
Green Apple (MF) 0.60
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) *Bumped Up to* 0.80
Honey (FA) *Added for a dark sweetener* 0.12
Pound Cake (Flavorah) *Bumped Up to* 0.80
Pumpkin Spice (Flavorah) *Doubled* 0.30
Yam (Flavorah) *Doubled* 1.00

Flavor total: 7.67%

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I’m not happy with it yet. I can taste the espresso but barely taste any chocolate. I either have to up the percentage or mix in another chocolate.
It is also lacking in body, so I have to find something else to add.
Back to the drawing board :unamused:


Well, I finally got a decent tasting Pumpkin thing to happen. And, it only took 8 months to steep out the over-bearing notes from the 1% Pumpkin Pie NF! Haha! That stuff is potent! I tried it at .5% in a mix this season, and it still seems too high. Going for .12% and .25% next. I like it, but it’s just very potent to me.


On second thought, after vaping it for a bit, 8 months was not enough to fix this mix. Far better than early-on, but still too heavy on the Pumpkin. Down the drain it goes! Nic was fairly oxidized, anyway, so not worth diluting.


I have one on the back burner for three weeks now called Hi Honey (me again with the awesome names :grimacing:) that I hope mellows because it’s probably going to be a good Fall/Winter mix. Really heavy. May take eight months though because it has MF Acacia Honey and FA Butter in it!


This is a WIP thread, after all… bear that in mind with this project. Smells a treat so far but I haven’t got up the nerve to test it yet. So I misremembered the name, it’s Hello Honey (equally clever as Hi Honey). May be a bit heavy on the vanilla but I figured it needed a bit of a baseball bat rather than a toothpick to slap a little mellowing agent into it. 3.3%, yet it smells like 333% flavor.


Revisit and notes to explain why I didn’t use 50 flavors to make this, This is a layered recipe and true to its name …and to assure everyone that no flavors have been overrun.

I revisited today 9/25/18 using Wasp Nano 22ohm @ 40 watts and more than pleased with this, a few changes on the next batch, but not much.
I will go into detail to explain why I used these flavors instead of using 50 flavors to make this.
Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream (Purilum) - @ 2.00 % this is a accent to help the Carrot Cake have buttery rich pecan flavor. no ice cream here.
Carrot Cake - Vape Train Australia - @ 3.25 %, even at this low % I can taste Carrot Cake , all the other flavors contribute to building this Carrot Cake that I wanted.
Cream Cheese Icing - LorAnn Flavors - @ 1.25 % adds to the Carrot Cake to give it that frosted cream flavor.
Eggnog (Flavorah) - @ 1.25 % this also adds to the Carrot Cake with a holiday spice.
Pumpkin Spice FLV - @ 1.25 % This gives that Pumpkin SMILE and adds a little clove and cinnamon that makes the carrot cake Shine and a pleasure to vape
Warm Custard VTA @ 1.75 % at this low % is just an accent to the eggnog, Both helping the Carrot Cake with a creamy mouthfeel.
Yam (Flavorah) - @ .25 % gives a candied yam flavor that also plays well with the Carrot Cake
The Vienna Cream can be left out, but its not hurting anything
Sweetner is strictly forbidden.

This recipe is the property of Mix and Hope and released under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator. Should not be used in conjunction with ATF because of mafia backgrounds and shenanigans going on!!! Don’t Flip Over, just a joke, hummer is life, Smile…:wink:


This v2 is simplified and toned-down from the original. I’m thinking it would fit in on a Christmas treat table nicely. Pretty good right off the scale, now @ 6 days the Nuts and Caramel are coming into focus and the MM is more real. Should be nice and gooey in about 3 more weeks.

The % seem a little high, but I want a vibrant mix and Caramel RFSC is pretty delicate in its normal range, it gets real around 3%, Cream Milky VG also needs more than I see most use the PG version.

Anyway!blahblah :smile: this is showing lots of promise!


exactly what I wanted,… did not want to mix 5 single flavors to achieve a buttery pecan flavor. a lot of recipes are not mixed with one single flavor…if you have one flavor that can take the place of 5, oh yeah, I’m there…

yep, 1 bottle = 5 flavors, I will take it all day long…

Yam is not a cream, check the notes, or do a SFT.,… Custard at very low % for VTA is just a accent,…Eggnog adds another spice to the Carrot Cake.

My next recipe will be different, I got a solid base that bends and blends with the profile, my % will change.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I was speaking of these as the 3 creams.
Ice Cream, Vienna Cream (FA), Eggnog

Looking back at this now, I should’ve kept my comments to myself… sorry again M&H.


Always comment. Always speak up. Everyone should.


@Pro_Vapes your comments are always welcomed as with any body else, I make mistakes everyday, we are all human and thats what we do.
on a side note I see you are over at ATF, I have also joined to, have not made any recipes because of slowass loading they have, there forum is a ghost town, I see it as owned by diydie and oneshooters, hyped up ATF so the beginners can go pay wayne to learn TFA/CAP recipes.


I thought something was fishy when I viewed the top recipes over there and they were mostly Wayne’s.

Yep… you are correct…

nearly nonexistent.

I had to see what’s up with ATF for myself, because a member here refers to them quite often… but I wasn’t too impressed with their offerings.


V1 WIP not sure but it smells good , the LB scares me but when i mixed it as a SFT i went 5 , 10 and 15 pct there was an off note i couldnt figure out …

RFSC Pumpkin Pie reminds me of the PP filking without the spices yet… and has a slight hint of crust ( more buttery than crust )

LB Pumpkin Pie has a creaminess and mouthfeel that im hoping helps , at this percentage im hoping there wont be the off note i get at higher percnts

FLV pumpkin spice i havent tested but am assuming from reading notes and smell it should add all the spice i need…

and who doesnt top off pumpkin pie with whipped cream ??? the rich cinnamon there is jsut bc i hvent use it yet and felt it would fit

i never have much luck using multiple flavors that are similar like i did here , usually two do it for me crossing my fingers

ive also NEVER used the apple pie /cookie combo for crust so im hoping this is what they mean when they say 2 to 1 or whatever lol

UPDATE - 10-10-2018

Wow the rich cinnamon took over everything tgis mix was a complete fail … i will readjust a couple things and drop the LB pumpkin pie , the LB has some spice note that is off tasting …