Famovape Magma AIO ( opinion)

WARNING : I am not a reviewer and dont play one on TV either or here :man_shrugging: …I do have an opinion and that is what I was asked for so here goes nothing .

Im gonna start this out with a Con and this Con is more my fault than the manufacturers. The Magma is small and thin and sleek so for a week it was misplaced… When I found it I was happy because i actually enjoy this little guy.

You see what it comes with but Ill list it …2 coils, one is 1.2 ohms rated for 8 to 15w the other is 0.4 ohms tated for 20 to 40w.

Also included is a charger which is type C which is needed since the battery isnt going to last all day due to its size. I have wondered if they made this just a little taller could have they added a bigger battery ? I wouldnt mind this device being a little taller to get more life. The Magma does charge fairly quick and who doesnt have a few back up devices anyway so maybe it’s not such a big deal …

I have only used the .4 ohm coil and I have to say I am very pleased with the flavor it also puts out some clouds for such a little thing… I have had this for 3 weeks minus 1 ( lost and found) and the coil is still good .

The Pod holds about 2ml of liquid and the coil is put into the bottom I believe this is the style most companies are using which is very nice and easy .

One of the great things about this device is it has a air flow control which works fairly well

Over all this is a well built device and its obvious Famovape put some thought into it . Feels great in the hand and the display is really cool also easy to read .

The big question i need to answer though is would I buy this and the answer is Yes and No let me explain , No I wouldnt buy this for my personal use because its not my preferred type of device , however Yes I would buy this for someone else and I have recommended it.

I am sure I missed a bunch of things that a Real Reviewer would add and that is why I leave it up to them …Thank You. https://www.famovape.com/ for sending this I have enjoyed it and will continue to recommend this to other Vapers…


@fidalgo_vapes, Yeah Right !!!

Nice, ummm, errrrrr, Opinion Piece @fidalgo_vapes.



Yep, I agree!

I’m pretty sure now that mine must have gotten lost in the post.
So far it has not been delivered :neutral_face:


Dude… I love you man. Thanks for your opinion on the Famovape Magma AIO


Oh that sucks…I really do like this . the flavor is good enough it hits hard enough to chuck some baby clouds … What I really like is how solid it feels . Thanks for taking the time to read


Lol…Thanks Brother :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


Right back at ya​:cupid::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart:


Honesty first @fidalgo_vapes. I know I’ve done a million flavor reviews, and some hardware reviews, but I get “review blinders” on sometimes, and can only see things the way MY mind works, the kind of pics I take, the format I use, and it’s nice to get a break from that, and check a different perspective.


I want to see more …


Lmao…I get so flustered i have this grand idea when I start then it fizzles…linking things , getting a descent pic. You know what im saying i bet …Before this Magma was a sub ohm tank I turned down because I donr use them …We will see ty I appreciate that


Yeah, wouldn’t mind seeing what your opinions are on other hardware. Thanks fiddy!


Thank you …I appreciate it , you all may just make me confident enough to do another​:facepunch::facepunch:


Yeah the little bugger Does put out some decent flavor and clouds for its size, pretty sure I have one (around around here somewhere :thinking: )
Good thoughts @fidalgo_vapes :call_me_hand:


Lmao…Thats funny because thats how I was for a week lol…Ty for taking the time to read :pray::pray::pray:


Now that is funny, because NOW I gotta go find it :rofl: all my other mods are standing up like soldiers either in my Lab or on my vape bar, but that one don’t stand up, so I layed it down somewhere. Last time I saw it was in my lunch box :man_shrugging: