Fast delivery from bullcityflavors

wow! I placed an order from bullcityflavors 2 days ago and it will be here by Monday! That is quicker than it takes for a package to come from Toronto Ontario to me and I live in Canada whats wrong with our postal service?


So tell me, how much was your order? and how much was your shipping charge? :cowboy_hat_face:


I tend to use DPD for most deliveries. A Friday lunch time order turns up to wake me up at 9am on a Saturday morning.


Very very fast shipping! Code FREESHIP is very fast for free shipping as well!! I love my Bull City!!


My order was for about 78.00 and shipping yes I paid for that but still total I think it was 35.00 but for 4 days and fed ex shows up around 9am im ok with that. My total $107.and change. But if I pursue chefs in UK my exchange would’ve been.178.00 when I spent only 80.00 plus shipping it wouldve about 200.00 for an 80.00 order
States I paid like 25 extra for the exchange so ok even rate that end total


See what I was saying @muth :cowboy_hat_face:
Fedex was her only option, and that was the cheapest option available.

I’d be feeling like @SquirrelSmash and those dogs around his legs :rofl:

That $35 USD is $43 Canadian for anyone that wants to know. No offense @ladycrooks, you knew the price before placing the order. I would easily wait a week for slow USPS :canada:


Usps wasn’t an option for me. At all. Fed ex was and the 35 was the total they did all the math for me. I pay $11.90 for canada post from Toronto. So $35 was ok with me


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I know. BUT if your total had been $24.99 or less USPS would have been $15.

That’s $43 Canadian. There were no hidden charges. You knew and were ok with it. That’s all that counts. :canada:


Dammmm!!! I got nailed with $15 CAD customs fee. Oh well fuck it! Will I order again from bullcityflavors…absolutely!!! Why?? Because I want my damn flavours. And I can’t get 90percent of them in Canada. But shit I didn’t even think about customs. Lol!