Fasttech 15ml Pen bottles

Not sure if this is the right category but here goes. So you love the Unicorn bottles right? This goes out to you then. I purchased 100 of the 15ml Pen Bottles from FT and received them in the first round of orders. After washing and drying these i went about filling them, i first tried using a 3ml pipette, that didnt work out at all. Then i used a 10ml syringe and this worked out great. For a cheap plastic bottle these are fantastic. Every pair of jeans i own are carpenter style with the side knife packet half way down the leg, this was the reason i wanted these. I normally use glass droppers but they slide so far down into this pocket that they are hard to retrieve. These do not and two of them will fit inside the pocket along with my mod. They also fit in the lipstick hole on many acrylic cosmetic stands.

Fit well in pocket
Easy to squeeze
No leaks
Cap lock
PE material

Only one is that they neck is a bit wobbly when trying to put tip on.

The only thing they are missing is the twist top of that Unicorn bottle but im cool with that. If you are looking for something similar to Unicorn bottles without the high price then give these a try. I placed an order for another 100 after using these for a couple days. They also come in 30ml but i am waiting on people to receive them in the first round to provide reviews before i order.

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Nice! I actually looked at them a while back - never got to ordering them though. 5 for $2 is a steal :smiley:

And less if you order more than 3 packs.

Oh yes, and they come in 30ml (and there are some nice looking 100ml ones as well)!

i’m going to grab some of these myself, they are different. i have also used 10 ml Syringes to sell/give juice just to try something else,they work great for tanks but not so much for rda’s.

Im still enjoying them muchly. Brought a couple packs into our local vape shop and passed them out yesterday. The weak neck made me a bit nervous but they have been easily reused. Pain in the ass to clean properly tho and label as well.

I need to buy Glass bottles so I can start mixing and making. I see a review on Pen bottles from Fastech, but I think I need to buy glass – probably 30 ml or 15 ml. Has anyone else done any comparison shopping to find the best deal? Also, have you guys used different types of droppers or are they all pretty much the same when it comes to having a bulb at the top. Do we need tinted glass for e-juice? Thanks for any/all info on this subject.

It’s just a matter of keeping your juice in a dark cupboard.

I use opaque bottles from Amazon with child safety caps.

50x30ml bottles with caps and tips cost me £11/$17 which to me is a pretty good deal.

They are all verified for solvents too so it doesn’t matter what liquids you put in them.

I personally haven’t ventured into glass bottles yet but I may get a few large ones for my own mixes that are in my ADV list.


I currently only use glass bottles with droppers both 15 and 30 ml in size. However, I recently ordered (about a week ago) some plastic unicorn bottles from Fasttech (also both 15 and 30 ml) but have not yet received them.

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The 15ml pen bottles are a real pain to work with. The hole is too small… Takes forever to fill with VG for example… The 30ml ones are ok.


Yeah the holes are a bit small on the 15ml bottles, definitely require a syringe to fill. I bought 20 5 packs, on the original posting. I then but another 100 bottles but for my personal use, for ejuice, i am still using the original 5 i opened.

I wish the necks were a little thicker or harder on the 15ml bottles but i havent managed to wreck any of them yet.

I filled 20 of them with my most used flavorings, they work great for DIYing too. Whether i am using a scale or mixing by volume they are easy to use. I havent measured drops yet but they seem as tho they would have the same size hole as a Capella bottle.

One other way i use them is for storing and carrying my water flavoring concoctions. Now this is awesome, flavored water anywhere i go. I added the flavorings and a couple drops of Sucralose to the bottle so all i have to do is “drip” and shake.

Sorry for the rambling on and on, the docs got me on pain killers again. Im sure you know how that works, hehe.

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I ordered the day they were listed, took a month from order until delivery but so far it was worth the wait. The second order took 13 days from order to arrival. But i see they are back on just ordering them and not stocking them.

I use mostly glass too but these are awesome for on the go. Havent noticed a taste difference from the bottles, which is good of course.

So far i have been quite pleased, they dont require much squeezing. You can get it to single drip or flow with little pressure. Im not positive, because its been awhile since i actually measured, but i believe they will hold 17.5ml total.

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You dont need tinted glass but green or amber glass with help to prevent light oxidation in the nicotine. Just store clear bottles out of direct sunlight and you should be all good. I order my 30/60ml, glass bottles from SpecialtyBottles. They are a little more expensive than other places but the quality is excellent.

For my storage bottles i use 4/8/10oz Vestil Green tops. The cap liner quality is outstanding compared to most others as is the bottle quality. I store all my liquids in the clear bottles but they are in cabinet i made and never come into contact with sunlight, some of the 16oz sizes i store in a dorm size fridge. I order Vestil bottles from Amazon.

You also dont need glass but if you are storing juice for a long duration i suggest it. Storing ejuice in plastic for long periods of time will cause a degradation of flavor due to the flavoring molecules escaping. Same goes for the flavorings we buy. When i buy 4oz or larger bottles of flavorings i store them in glass.